5 Simple Ways to Prioritize YOU Amidst the Chaos of Motherhood


Fitness? Wellness? My actual HEALTH? If you’re like me, there is an endless pile of laundry, one kid who needs to be held All. The. Time, another who thinks he’s an actual ninja, a dog who doesn’t get enough attention, and two rotating goldfish I just can’t seem to keep alive. When it comes to my needs, they are often the last to get taken care of.

And if you’re still anything like me, maybe you don’t even really mind. But then I realize I’ve had to pee for 2.5 hours, there has been goo on my arm for at least a day, my husband is getting his hair cut and Im jealous because my last haircut was 18 months ago when my friend showed up with a bottle of wine and some new Shark Tank hair trimming tool. Sound familiar?

Once upon a time, taking care of ourselves was just called life and it didnt feel selfish or overwhelming. It felt great and fulfilling. Now that we are moms, our needs can get pushed aside so readily. Its important to remind ourselves that we matter, too, not just for our own wellness, but for our families, to be the quality of mama we need to be. Here are 5 of my favorite tips to help keep your health and happiness a priority:


Why: Meditation has been shown to help with stress and anxiety, healthy sleep, and mindfulness (motherhood, ammiright?).

How: I decided to try to just give myself five minutes a day, and it’s been amazing. First thing in the morning, or right before bed, in the car before I head inside, or sometimes sitting in the living room amidst the chaos with my eyes closed. Give yourself five minutes to close your eyes and check in with yourself.

Be mindful of your nutrition

Why: Eating healthy is important, but to be sustainable, you need to be able to enjoy the things you love.

How: If you need something quick so you dont get hangry, make sure you have healthy options to grab and go! If you want something more indulgent, make time to sit and enjoy it.

Drink 60+ oz of water 

Why: Drinking enough water throughout the day has been shown to boost your mood, your energy levels, decrease your cravings and feelings of hunger and even help with your sleep.

How: Its not as hard as you think! Get a cute water bottle and carry it with you everywhere! Try to fill it up whenever you can and chug-a-lug whenever you think about it.

Be active whenever possible

Why: Dont question this one.

How: If the kids are playing in the yard, grab some weights or do a quick bodyweight workout. Walks, jogging while the kids bike or a dance party in the kitchen are awesome for everyone! Even five minutes is better than no minutes!

Track and celebrate your successes!

Why: Research has shown that we are more likely to make healthy choices for both our body and mind when we feel like we are currently making healthy choices.

How: Find a place to write it down – on a whiteboard in the kitchen where your family can see it, too, or in a cute journal you keep by your bed.

Now go pee and take five to meditate!




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