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Our Sales Director, Erika, has been going to Alkalign Studios for several years, and she recently encouraged me to try out a class. Read below to learn more about why she loves Alkalign, and why I’m a fan, too. Watch a replay of our Facebook Live to learn five moves that you can do at home in five minutes, and try out a class for FREE with our promo code: MPMB.

exercises you can do at homeErika says…

Alkalign has been more than a workout for me for over four years.  I started taking classes after my daughter was born because it was literally the only workout studio nearby with childcare. Immediately, I knew I loved it. The workout was amazing for my body, which I was trying to get back to a shape resembling something close to normal for me, but I also felt so welcomed into the community. I met my best friend through the childcare there. I have learned about preschools, restaurants, cleaning products, and more from friends and staff at the studio. Erin makes it fun to work out and I felt compelled to work out not just for the exercise but for the social scene, too!

Let me go back to the workout for a minute. I worked out with a trainer my entire first pregnancy and thought I was in good shape. Then I started at Alkalign three months postpartum, and it was a wake up to all the muscles I had no idea were in my body. My legs shook every class I took for at least three months.  Then I got pregnant again, and I worked out at Alkalign until the day before I had my son. I had an easy delivery, but an even easier recovery. I took my first class three weeks after having him and my body was ready. Erin and the entire staff know how to modify and assist during pregnancy, injury, or just exhaustion, so it is safe but still effective.  

Alkalign continues to evolve with its Nourish program, continued encouragement of moms, new and veteran, and rolling classes to help recover our sore and tired muscles. 


My experience at Alkalign…

It seemed like everyone was loving Alkalign, so I decided to take a class with Erika one Friday to see what all the hype was about.  First off, I noticed the community. As you walk down the hall in the Menlo Park studio, there is a wall where you sign your name once you have completed so many classes.  The wall was full of signatures, full of accomplishments, and full of encouragement as I stepped into my first class.  People were chatting before class, catching up, socializing, and honestly, this continued in class a bit.  Erin, the owner and instructor that day, shared funny stories, asked people about their kids, their summer, all during our class.  
The other thing I noticed was the flexibility in the class. I am a former ballet dancer with tons of injuries. My knees are shot, my left shoulder, the ball of my left foot… dancing was beautiful, but my body took a hit.  Erin was flexible in her teaching to make sure that everyone was comfortable. Safe adjustments were made throughout the whole class so that everyone felt like they were getting personal attention.  Erin was extremely knowledgable, understanding muscular anatomy and function and breaking it down for us in class.
And finally, I embraced the peace, the calm, the mindfulness practice. I was present, without my phone, taking a minute for myself, and that was so rewarding. I left class feeling refreshed, slightly sore the next day—the good sore—and stronger.  Now, I get it.

About Alkalign & Alkaling Anywhere…

“Alkalign is much more than just a functional fitness studio. It offers highly effective and targeted strength, alignment, cardio, and nutrition training to let you find your own dynamic balance.”  Founded by Erin Paruszewski, Alkalign is built on the 7 core movements we perform every day: squat, lunge, push, pull, rotate, hinge, gait/walk to build core strength and increase mobility. There are studios in Menlo Park, Los Altos, Irvine, Grand Rapids, and coming soon- Atlanta.  You can also participate in Alkalign Anywhere: an online program that goes beyond the barre into your home.  

Join the Team!

Alkalign is recruiting fitness instructors, and it’s the perfect job for moms! Bring your kids to the playroom while you teach! They even have a few playroom job options for anyone who wants to earn free classes while acting as a playroom lead in the room. 

Join a Class!

Use our promo code MPMB to sign up for a complimentary fitness class.

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