Guilty Pleasures


    As an almost 50-year-old mother of two teenagers, I can have a few guilty pleasures. Unfortunately, it has taken me nearly 13 years to give myself permission for this. I think “full acceptance” came during the pandemic.

    So, that being said, here are some of my guilty pleasures, and I would LOVE to know what yours are. And if you don’t have any, what are you waiting for? Trust me – don’t wait.

    In no particular order

    1. Handmaid’s Tale
    2. Reading
    3. Coffee
    4. Wine
    5. A full-time job that I love
    6. Eating the marshmallows from the box of Lucky Charms
    7. Upgrades on flights when I fly for work
    8. Getting two puppies (a post for another time)
    9. Getting tickets for the opening night of any Marvel movie
    10. Ordering out
    11. Claiming to have a migraine when I want time alone
    12. Online shopping
    13. A spoonful of peanut butter right from the jar
    14. Checking my phone in the middle of the night
    15. Letting calls go to voice mail
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    Tracy is the Director of Programming and Partnerships for Darkness to Light, a child sexual abuse prevention organization. She grew up in northeast Ohio, and has lived in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Arizona, and Northern Virginia and has worked in the arts, in education, in non-profits and in ed tech. Her husband's job brought them to the Bay Area and there's no looking back! Tracy is mom to two trans teens who are just beginning their journey. Self-care includes pedicures, reading, cooking, crafting, and just being with her family. She also serves as Chair of the Board for the Attachment and Trauma Network, a national non-profit.


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