Giving Is The Gift


My sister did me a huge favor. She hosted me and my three little ones for an extended weekend while our husbands attended a conference on the East Coast.

She was so happy to have me, though she was parenting her own family of 8, and was hosting an 80-person brunch on Sunday at her place.

I wanted to do something unique and special as a thank you. I came up with making her brunch. She has very specific dietary restrictions, so she never goes out to eat. Delivering her brunch on a workday would be the nicest surprise!

So, I scheduled my Wednesday to include making her brunch.

I woke up early that day to have a head start before my kiddos would need me. I noticed how I happily got out of bed and did not linger. I was excited to make this effort of showing my appreciation & being able to give her a special treat, though it entailed a very early start to the day.

The kids were gifted with an extra patient mom that morning.

The usual chaotic morning with my kids seemed like a breeze that Wednesday. I was excited about this brunch being given to my dear sister. The kids were gifted with an extra patient mom that morning. I was happier throughout the day. The experience I had by giving to my sister transformed how the rest of the day played out.

This incident taught me that though I am giving to someone else, I am truly receiving something, too! I received a day of happiness and positivity by giving my sister a surprise brunch.

I was happier throughout the day.

Giving Tuesday is around the corner. This time, when you choose to give, take a moment to reflect on who you are giving to and let the enjoyment and appreciation for that express itself throughout the day.

This reflection is Devorie Hecht and the


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