You Had Me at Cute and Comfortable: My Favorite “Anywhere” Shoes

This post is sponsored by Mox shoes.

mox shoesWithin a mile from my house, I can walk to four grocery stores, Target, the post office, UPS, FedEx, the dry cleaners, the pediatrician, my doctor, our dentist, my kids’ preschool, numerous coffee shops, clothing shops, parks, and restaurants. It is exactly what I love about living in the city – how walkable it is. 

But to make a walker’s paradise truly practical, I need to wear comfortable, supportive shoes and finding fashionable ones can be a tall order. I’ve spent the last few years curating my wardrobe to be equal parts stylish and sensible, and my Mox ballet flats play a big role in that. They have priority seating on my shoe rack alongside my Lucky boots, favorite sneakers, Allbirds, and Blondo waterproof boots. Admittedly, I have a lot more shoes than this, but these are the kicks I grab on the go, and my Mox slip-ons might just be the MVPs of all.

mox shoesI’ve owned this grape-colored pair for a year and a half now, and they fit the bill for nearly every occasion. I can wear them all day while I’m with the kids or running errands. I slip them on to take out the trash or pop over to the corner store. I’ve dressed them up with slacks and sundresses, and I’ve dressed them down with a tee, cardigan, and leggings. 

Since they’re made of rubber, they’re flexible with a surprisingly springy soul that supports my feet better than all of my other ballet flats. On some exceptionally warm days, my feet have felt hotter wearing these than they would in sandals, but since the majority of our days in San Francisco are moderate in temperature, I wear my Moxes all year round – especially in the chilly summer months when I want to look light and summery but my feet need more coverage than an open-toed shoe. 

And, I’m just going to say it, my feet don’t smell in these. Every other pair of shoes I’ve worn without socks has eventually, inevitably become a giant stink bomb, but the inside of my Mox shoes doesn’t absorb the I-haven’t-sat-down-all-day-I-need-a-foot-massage odors that my hard working feet put off, and that is wonderfully freeing.

Insist I take off my shoes before entering your home? No problem! Time for me to remove my shoes while going through airport security? You got it! And whenever they do need a refresh, it’s as easy as a little soap and water. 

We’re giving away a pair of Mox shoes on Facebook, so be sure to follow us and enter to win. Check out all the Mox shoe colors – ranging from neutral to fun – online. Happy walking! 



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