World’s Best Underwear Now Comes with CBD Lip Balm, My Life Is Complete


best underwear

I got an underwear subscription that comes with CBD lip balm and it is my new favorite way to make sure I get a little luxury in my busy life. 

I actually discovered my go-to underwear while dress shopping at Andrew Linton’s shop. He is one of my favorite dress designers so I’m always stopping by to see his latest creations. Anyway, a few years ago, I stepped out of the dressing room in a super cute number, but I was annoyed that my underwear line showed. 

Andrew himself was manning the shop that day and he told me to wait a minute and returned with a pair of underwear. “Seriously?” I asked. The image of this rock n roll looking Scottish man handing me a pair of undies like it was no problem was honestly pretty hilarious. But I took them (of course he told me they were mine to keep) and after trying I immediately purchased three more pairs along with the dress. 

best underwear

Ladies, these are seriously the best underwear I have ever worn. Not only did they not show at all under my dresses and pants, but they are unbelievably comfortable. And I don’t mean granny panty comfy, I mean sexy comfy. They’re the only underwear in my drawer at this point, so when a subscription became available, I decided to sign up, especially since the subscription worked out so that everything was about half the price. 

Every three months, I get seven pairs and a tube of CBD lip balm. Actually, when I got my first delivery, I was almost out of underwear but I was so not wanting to do laundry. So I immediately felt better being able to let that chore go for a little longer. 

Let’s talk about the CBD lip balm now. It’s from the Rosso Corsa line, which, like Andrew Linton, is a locally owned small business. I’ve loved their lipsticks and eyeliners for a while now, and this lip balm did not disappoint. It goes on super smooth and it’s sort of like magic the way my lips are suddenly soft and moisturized after I apply it. I have no idea how CBD works but all I can say is, it works!

A subscription like this one helps make sure I don’t let self-care go. I have so much on my plate as it is, as a wife, mom, caretaker, and writer, that it’s honestly easy to write off taking care of myself. When my underwear and lip balm delivery arrives, I can easily indulge myself in simple ways without having to put out any extra effort. But really, it reminds me to prioritize my comfort and leisure in small ways, so I end up doing even more for myself. 

Visit Andrew Linton at 1429 Grant Avenue in North Beach or sign up on his webpage.



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