Trend Alert: Jellies Are Back, and Mox Made Them Better Than Ever


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One of my favorite memories from summertime was coming in after a long day of playing outside and taking my jellies off to get in the bath. They were comfortable and the rubber came in so many pretty colors. It felt like a badge of honor to remove them at night and see the design of my shoes outlined on my feet in the dirt and sand that I’d played in all day. 

I packed away my love for jellies with my Rainbow Brite and Teddy Ruxpin dolls, until I got a pair of Mox shoes as a gift for writing for here, at San Francisco Moms Blog. I honestly didn’t know wearing jellies as an adult was an option, but it is, and learning this made me as happy as the moment I discovered leggings were back in style. (P.S. They’re still in style. Don’t listen to the haters.)

stylish jelliesMox shoes are everything I loved about jellies as a kid, upgraded for my life as an adult. The shoes are made of comfortable, high quality rubber. The variety of colors are tasteful and fun, and the ballet-flat style and basket-weave design are easy to dress up or wear casually.

They’re also the perfect all-year-round flats for San Francisco. In the rainy weather, I wore them in the house as slippers. The rubber sole is flexible and cushy, and the feminine style is a definite upgrade from my usual frumpy brown slippers. My feet were supported as I did chores around the house. Now that it’s a bit warmer outside, I wear my Mox shoes everywhere, all day long. They look great with leggings, a pair of skinny jeans or a sundress. 

When I commuted to work,  I always wore flats to walk to and from BART and would slip into heels when I got to the office. If I owned a pair of Mox at the time, these definitely would have been my go-to walking shoes. I’m also one hundred percent sure that I would have conveniently forgotten to switch out of them once I arrived at the office, and, you know what? They wouldn’t have looked out of place. These really are the “anywhere shoe.” 

I have a standing policy that for every compliment I receive on an item of clothing I own, I subtract five dollars from the purchase price. It’s a fun way to justify things I’ve purchased. Don’t we all feel just a little bit guilty for spending money on ourselves? With my Mox shoes, I’m up about $50. They’re an eye catching, easy style that fits the bill no matter the occasion.

If you want to get a pair for yourself or for another favorite lady in your life (hello, Mother’s Day!), use the code SF10 until May 7, 2017, to get 10% off your order. With free returns on all orders in the U.S., there’s no reason not to try a pair of these shoes for yourself.

I can’t decide between Blueberry or Latte next. What color are you ordering?


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