Shop Local: ElizabethW Is Simple Luxury and a Winning Holiday Gift

 This post is in partnership with elizabethW.

Throughout the year, the writers from San Francisco and Mid-Peninsula Moms Blogs gather in person at various events, but my favorite time to get together is the holiday party because we get to give out presents! The first year, writers each received a pair of Mox shoes. Last year, we all got Ted & Kate stationary and Dr. Rosemary’s Herbal Teas, and this year’s gift was…

elizabeth w

…bath and body products from ElizabethW!

ElizabethW makes incredible smelling, high-quality home and personal fragrances, bath and body products, and sleep masks that are all made locally by hand in small batches. We were so impressed with their products that we also recommended them in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

This San Francisco company has been around for 23 years and has two stores, one in Ghiradelli Square and another one down in Carmel, and it is truly a treat to browse around these beautifully curated shops. If you can’t make it in person, though, go ahead and order online. Anything from elizabethW makes the perfect, luxurious gift and the scents are so enticing that you can’t go wrong.  

All of the women who write for us wear many hats, and we truly appreciate the time they take to contribute their experiences and insights, so it was fun to give them gifts meant for pampering themselves.

We each received a hand cream, lip balm, and bath fizz—all in fun and pleasing scents like Lilac, Tuberose, Lime, Tangerine, Lavender, Magnolia, Peppermint, and Cucumber. 

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I got a sneak peek of the products in October when I visited elizabethW’s offices, and I shared my review in our Holiday Gift Guide. Here’s what some of our other writers had to say after receiving their gifts.

I was applying my lotion and my daughter asked for some. I put a little drop on her six-year-old hands and told her to rub it in and go up her arms too.  Then she said, “Mom, I want one of those things you sit at to put on makeup.”

“A vanity?” I asked.

“Yeah. But no makeup.”

“Why would you want a vanity, but no makeup?”

“To put on my lotion.”

Clearly, it made her feel like a natural woman. ~Genevieve

The lavender lip balm was a treat! My lips feel soft and moisturized after using it. ~Annabelle
The peppermint lip balm made my lips supple and tingly and moisturized for hours! I also love the fresh and silky lime hand moisturizer.  Such a great pick-me-up! ~Lorrie
If you can’t make it to the spa to sip cucumber water, at least you can apply some cucumber lip balm! (But seriously, moms deserve mandatory spa time, so someone needs to get to work on that!) ~Robin
I also have an elizabethW silk sachet in the Carmel Daily scent, and it’s intoxicating. I couldn’t stop taking in its delicious scent. It was also soft to the touch and beautifully packaged. Such a great gift! ~Meredith
I was immediately drawn to the packaging. Simple and natural looking always implies a wholesome natural product but doesn’t always mean that’s what you’re getting! I was happy to read the ingredients and see that not only are we getting awesome skin care products, but the ingredients are clean and healthy. I loved the lip balm, and I’m sticking the rest in my stocking so my kids can see that Santa put me on the nice list! ~Shannon
I love the Tuberose scented hand cream. It’s an original scent and kept my hands smelling nice for hours. ~Wendi

elizabeth w

Now that we’ve tried elizabethW products, we’re hooked. Tell us what products we should try next!



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