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If a million dollars was at stake and the only thing I had to do to win the money was tell you the brand names of all the socks currently residing in my sock drawer, I would lose. I have never been brand loyal to socks, buying whatever was handy when I was in the store or receiving them as stocking stuffers from my mom at Christmas (Don’t knock it; who doesn’t need new socks?) 

But there’s a sock movement afoot (pun intended), and I’m ready to march along with Bombas as it continues to create high-quality socks that also give back. For every pair of Bombas purchased, a pair is donated to the homeless community – and not just any pair. Bombas has specially designed a sock to better meet the needs of people who can’t change their socks every day. They’re antimicrobial with reinforced seams in darker colors so that the socks don’t show wear and tear as quickly as a pair of basic whites. 

Bombas takes equal care in designing all of their socks, so we had five Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog and San Francisco Moms Blog writers put various styles to the test.

You can read Inger’s full review on San Francisco Moms Blog

It turns out that Shannon was already a Bombas fan! 

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We LOVE Bombas! I was searching one day for awesome socks for my husband and I randomly searched to see if there were any altruistic companies like Toms and up popped Bombas! I was so excited and the reviews looked great so I ordered some for both of us. We were instant converts. We love the fit and high-quality feel of the socks. They stay in place and don’t make our feet feel sweaty and gross. My husband is a nurse and I’m a personal trainer. We are on our feet running around all day and they never slip or rub or feel icky. Our feet feel lovely. It’s been a year now and there are no holes to be seen! We are so stoked on these and our kiddos love them, now, too!

Jen, who’s an avid runner and, unlike me, is loyal to a specific brand of socks was also impressed with the altruistic vision for the company and would recommend the brand to other moms on that point alone. She described the fabric as “super soft and comfortable – a little cushion-y, but not so much that I felt like I was wearing slippers.” She liked that they didn’t squish her toes but admitted that she’ll stick with her all-time favorite brands for runs, which fit her narrow feet more snuggly. But score one for Bombas’ customer service – the first pair of Bombas she tried ended up being much too large and without missing a beat, Bombas sent her a smaller size. They pride themselves on their  “happiness guarantee” and they’re “customer happiness team” is here to please.

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Wendi is a Bombas newbie, like Jen. “When I first put them on, they were amazing. They are so soft and snuggly on my feet. I have really small feet and they felt like I put on that perfectly fitting glass slipper.” She liked that the size range for each pair was 4 – 7.5, smaller than the usual 5-9. The fabric felt thicker in her sneaker than her current socks, and they took some getting used to when she wore them on the elliptical. “For some reason, the heel part kept slipping a bit up, which made it uncomfortable in my sneaker. I was surprised because I know they have a ‘stay up’ technology. I adjusted them a few times and either it got better or I got used to it.” She loved that the socks maintained their softness even after washing, something many other socks don’t do and plans to continue wearing them and experimenting with different styles. Their free return policy makes this a no risk option. “I give Bombas a thumbs up!” 

Kate’s take was that her Bombas actually felt a bit thinner than the socks she was used to wearing and that they were soft, comfortable and breathable. “I love the blister tab on the Original Ankle. It’s a feature I always look for in socks, and I think the pop of color peeking out of the top of my shoe is really cute.” She’s all for buying more Bombas, as they’re actually a dollar cheaper per pair than her current brand and sport a cuter design, with the honeycomb and bee logo. She even sent her mom, a runner and physical therapist, a pair for Mother’s day!  

As a stay-at-home mom, I wear socks and sneakers every single day. Having good quality socks is really important to me, and the Bombas socks delivered. These socks felt great all day, even after chasing my toddler around the playground and walking miles around San Francisco. I didn’t feel like my feet got sweaty or stinky, and they felt good inside my shoes.

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Whether you’re a sock connoisseur or are still on the hunt for the perfect pair of socks, Bombas should be your next purchase. With styles and designs to fit the whole family, excellent customer care, and an altruistic vision, Bombas takes its “bee better” mission to heart.

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