Mommy Makeup in Less Than Five Minutes


image2I have had a few mommy friends ask me how I have time to get my face done, and the truth is, I don’t do much.  It takes me less than 5 minutes to apply a fresh face look that I can do while my son takes his morning nap or is in his playpen playing for a few minutes with a special toy.  Here is my quick makeup routine that is easy and fool-proof!

Moisturize:  Apply a moisturizer with SPF all over your face using your fingertips.  Then, I use a makeup sponge to apply a tinted BB cream to even out my skin.  You might want to do one or the other instead of using both, but I have some dry patches which require the regular moisturizer first. Otherwise the tinted BB cream does not apply smoothly on my face.

  • My favorites:  Aveeno moisturizer blends in easy and you do not need a lot, so this bottle lasts forever.  Plus you can purchase it at the drug store.  Ulta BB cream, which also has SPF, comes in a few different shades so you can find one that best matches your skin tone.

Eyes:  I use an eye shadow crayon, liquid eye liner or mascara but never all three at once.  I love the eye shadow crayons; they are easy/quick to apply and can double as eye liner without breaking the bank.  Head to your local drug store and grab a few to try.  I apply them close to the lash line in one sweep.

  • My Favorites:  This N.Y.C shadow stick can double as an eye liner, genius!! It stays on and does not smear when you are chasing after your little ones. I’ve always used Maybelline waterproof mascara, and it has come in handy lately, as I’ve been insanely emotional with my son’s first birthday fast approaching. This Ulta eyeliner is very easy to apply and does not smear! Plus it’s only $10!!! I usually use the brown matte and save the black for fancy occasions.

Face:  Next, I lightly apply a powder that matches my skin tone to blend everything in.  I begin under my eyes to cover the dark bags and sweep down and out.  Finding a powder can be difficult as there are SO many colors to sort through- who has time for that.  If you go to a makeup store like Sephora or Ulta, they can help you find a powder that matches your skin tone fairly quickly.  Also as seasons change and you get more sun in the summer (hopefully, unless the fog is being stubborn) you may need to get a different color powder.

  • My Favorite:  Ulta’s Double Duty Powder provides awesome coverage and does not look cakey.  When you go test out the colors to see which is best for your skin tone, ask a sales associate for help, that’s what they are there for! 

Bronzer/Blush: To finish the look, I like to apply a bronzer blush combo which saves time!  I start about two fingers width away from my nose on my cheek and use a blush brush to apply outward towards my hairline.  This may not be an important step for you, but I like the way it provides a little bit of “contour” to my face while helping me not to look quite as tired as I always am.  

You might find that adding a concealer is something you would like to do before powder.  If so, then I suggest using a crayon type concealer and use your fingertip to dab in the concealer after you do your eyes.  Occasionally some mascara/eye liner may end up in places that need to be cleaned up which is much easier to do before applying concealer.

  • My Favorite:  This Sephora bronzer blush highlighter combo is life changing! One small compact product you can use 3 ways, which takes up less space in your makeup bag! Plus, you do not have to know how to contour in order to use this. Some days I use just bronzer, others I add blush. To save time, I often just dip my blush brush in both the bronzer and blush and apply in one step. When I have a few extra seconds, I use my fingertip to dab on highlighter to my brow bone and cheek bone. 

Often times I skip that powder completely and stick with the tinted BB cream which provides coverage and sheen.  It is all about finding a few products you love and can apply quickly.  If eye liner is a challenge then skip it and stick with the eye shadow crayons.  Baby doesn’t have to be the only one looking cute while you are out and about.  I find that I feel much better about myself, no matter how sleep deprived I am, when I take a few minutes to freshen myself up.  My hair might be dirty and I’m sporting my mama uniform (yoga pants) but I feel FIERCE!


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Nicole is a San Francisco native who grew up in the Noe Valley neighborhood before majoring in Sociology at San Jose State University. In her third year she realized her love of children as her true calling and earned a Early Childhood Education Teaching Certificate. She taught Preschool along the Peninsula for 10 years before a rare medical condition left her unable to continue her career. Now a single mom to the apple of her eye, Joey James keeps her busy. When Nicole is not playing, teaching and snuggling with Joey James she enjoys stroller walks around the Bay Area, music, San Francisco Giants Baseball and ice cubes floating in her Chardonnay.


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