Girls’ Fashion Round Up from Brands You May Not Know


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If you have a daughter, you probably already know strong fashion opinions come at a very young age.  My almost-five-year-old has suggested I do not bring home any clothing without her approval (insert major eye roll).  

With back to school in full swing and it’s beginning to almost feel like fall, I thought it was time to take her shopping for a few items.

Rockets of Awesome

Rockets of Awesome girls' clothes

Our first stop was our front step to open our latest Rockets of Awesome box. We absolutely love Rockets of Awesome in our house. They are literally the softest leggings and casual shirts!  The dresses are very cute and wash well, too. In case you don’t know how Rockets of Awesome works, it is a quarterly subscription box. It comes with eight pieces, including seasonal items like swimsuits, backpacks (usually a collab with a certain brand), goggles, and more. All the items are reasonably priced, mostly under $40, and if you keep everything, it’s a flat $150 (about a 25%) savings. Also, once you sign up, you get 20% off anytime you buy 4 or more items.  

Bella Bliss

Next, we’re thinking about school pictures. It’s one of the times when my kids indulge my love of all things children’s classic and matching! Our favorite for girls’ picture day and holiday cuteness if Bella Bliss. Bella Bliss is a classic children’s line out of Kentucky.  It is full of smocked adorableness, holiday printed turtlenecks, and more ruffles and bow than I could ever dream of. I’ve never been disappointed by a look from there, but here are my top three from this season. They do have adorable boys’ clothing too!

  1. Georgina dress
  2. Maddie dress
  3. Pansy pima pom pom dress


ToobyDoo is probably the cutest dress company you have never heard of.  They make the sweetest, softest knits for kids from baby to size 12.  The Haven cashmere sweater dress is just so cozy I wish they made it in my size! They also have a denim bar filled with colored denim and rainbow tulle skirts.  

Pippa and Julia

For those with a true girly-girl on their hands, there is no brand better than Pippa and Julie. They have Disney collaborations, featuring dresses like Frozen 2 Elsa and Anna dress. It’s adorable and comes with a cropped faux fur jacket. Their collections are filled with sequins, familiar characters, and lace—every tiny fashionista’s dream. I also love that they have top and leggings sets, like the Cyndi polka dot set. It’s so nice to have a complete outfit rather than trying to find the pant that matches.  

Most importantly, if your daughter loves to shop, try to enjoy the time with her rather than being frustrated that a five-year-old insists on trying on every item. Some of my best memories with my mom are from our shopping days together!



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