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My ten and twelve-year-old daughters basically have the same size feet as me (when did that happen?!), so I had no excuse not to share the assorted pack of socks Bombas sent me to try. I (reluctantly) let them both choose a pair from my stash of size smalls that included four pairs of original ankle socks, four pairs of classic marls calf socks, and three pairs of no show socks.  

My younger daughter chose the marled navy calf socks and my older daughter the pink-toed and heeled ankle socks. As with most things, their taste in socks is completely different, but, fortunately, Bombas has that covered with its wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns.  


The feel of the material used in socks is very important to me. I cannot stand scratchy or rough socks, and find that often socks that start out feeling great become uncomfortably worn out after just a few washings. The fabric used in Bombas feels amazing – soft, durable, and with just the right amount of stretch – and definitely solves the foot feel issue I’ve had in the past with other, inferior socks.  The fabric keeps my feet snug and warm on foggy San Francisco days, without making them uncomfortably hot and sweaty.

The overall quality of Bombas socks is much better than other socks I own. I was interested to note that the composition of the fabrics used for the different styles of Bombas socks (listed on the packaging) varies slightly from style to style. For example, the ankle socks I tried are 69% cotton, 27% polyester, 3% rubber and 1% spandex, while the calf socks have a smaller percentage of cotton, the same amount of spandex and more polyester and rubber. Different styles also feature different elements of Bombas “Sock Tech” (also indicated on the packaging) like the honeycomb arch support system (in the ankle and calf socks), the blister tab (in the ankle socks) and stay put heel grip (in the no show socks).

Clearly, Bombas puts a lot of care, thought, and engineering into its socks, considering which material and special features will work best for each particular type of sock.   

While I’m kind of embarrassed to admit to this, my younger daughter, who has a bad habit of wearing the same socks several days in a row, noted that Bombas do not get “hard and crusty” with sweat like her other socks do after extended use. Hmmm, maybe it’s time to start supervising my daughter’s sock changes a bit more . . . or to replace all her socks with Bombas.

My daughters and I have been wearing our Bombas socks pretty much nonstop since we got them! My daughters wear them to school and for sports. I wear the ankle socks with my sneakers while exercising (and post-exercise, since I often remain in my exercise clothes for much of the day), the no shows with flats, and the calf socks with other casual footwear while out and about on my daily routines as well as at home.

Social Consciousness + Value 

I truly love everything about the packaging of Bombas socks and give it an A+! Let’s start with the lack of plastic. Bombas does not use those annoying little plastic barbs you often find in other brands of socks to keep them together and that are such a pain in the neck to remove, or for that matter, any other plastic material.

In a world with far too much disposable plastic, I commend Bombas for making the environment a priority and using only simple, card stock sleeves for packaging.

But while the design of the sleeve itself is basic, the at once whimsical and elegant artwork printed on it is anything but. A queen bee set against a honeycomb background with “BOMBAS” layered over it in raised, bold lettering, the Bombas logo immediately lets you know that this is no ordinary sock. I also love the company’s clever motto, “bee better,” which appears on the packaging for certain styles of socks.

I’ve always been a bit mystified that decent socks cost as much as they do, considering that they consist of just two small pieces of fabric. That said, I do think that the price point for Bombas – similar to that of other socks I’ve purchased — is good value, given their superior quality.

Also, the fact that Bombas donates one pair of socks to the homeless for each pair sold makes me feel even better about buying them; through my purchase, I’m getting great quality socks at a good price and helping someone in need.   

I will definitely buy Bombas again! While I’ve never been loyal to any one type of sock, buying random brands wherever I happen to be shopping when the need arises, I’m excited to have found a go-to sock for not just me but the rest of my family. I plan to repurchase all three of the styles I’ve tried so far (the ankle, calf, and no shows) and also look forward to trying out Bombas’ specialized ski, hiking, and dress socks, which I came across online. With the extensive variety of styles, colors, and patterns offered by Bombas, I’m confident I’ll be able to find socks to satisfy all of my family’s needs and preferences.

Bombas seriously has all that I could possibly want in a pair of socks!  

You can read even more about Bombas today over at Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog.

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