8 Secrets to Looking More Awake

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how to look less tired

“You look tired” is an expression no mom wants to hear. It’s a nice way of telling someone they look terrible, and it’s something I hear almost daily. The collective sleep debt I’ve accumulated over the lifespan of my three young children has given rise to some extremely puffy dark circles that have permanently taken up residence underneath my eyes.

The good news—there is a solution to this problem: sleep!

The bad news—with three kids ages five, three, and eight months, coupled with a full-time job, sleep is something I won’t experience the foreseeable future. I’m sure other moms can relate.

In the meantime, I’ve come across a few tricks that have helped me to look less like a cast member of The Walking Dead. Here they are:

1 | Sleep on your back. This is a trick I learned about recently! If you sleep on your stomach or side, fluid can pool in your tissues and make you look extra puffy. Sleep on your back and use an extra pillow to elevate your head slightly.

2 | Freeze your face. Cold temperatures will stimulate circulation in your face which will help to bring down puffy eyes. Ways to do this include submerging your face in an ice bath first thing in the morning, or a less harsh alternative— an ice roller or jade roller. I use an ice roller and I’m obsessed! I originally got one to help with my migraines but use it all the time in the morning now to help de-puff my eyes.

3 | Eyedrops. My eyes get red easily, especially when I’m sleep deprived. A few of these awesome eyedrops brighten my eyes right away!

4 | Conceal. Invest in a good concealer to help cover up dark circles. When you apply, make sure to lightly pat the concealer under your eyes vs. rubbing it in, which can cause creasing. My favorites are Cleau de Peau, or the more wallet-friendly Laura Mercier.

5 | Fake and Bake. Lack of sleep can make you look pale, which emphasizes dark circles even more. The solution: fake a suntan with some bronzer to instantly brighten your skin.

6 | Lash out. Swipe some extra coats of mascara on your lashes to fan them out and help open your eyes. I’m obsessed with Liquid Lash Extensions from Thrive Causemeticsit literally makes me look like I have lash extensions in a matter in seconds!

7 | Give yourself an instant facelift. Pull your hair back off your face into a simple bun or pony. Pulling your hair back will tighten the skin around your face, giving you a mini facelift and brightening your eyes. Plus, a chic bun or pony always looks polished and put together.

8 | Walk! Boost your circulation to help put some color back in your cheeks by walking the kids to school instead of driving. A little exercise in the morning will not only help you look more awake but will also help you feel more awake too!

Hopefully, these secrets will help you look and feel more awake on sleep deprived days. If all else fails, grab your biggest pair of sunglasses and a coffee and remember this too shall pass.



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