3 Reasons Washing Your Face in the Shower Is Frowned Upon


Why is washing your face in the shower so wrong? It makes less of a mess, and it’s super convenient.

There are a few reasons why washing your face in the shower is frowned upon. After reading the following information, you can better understand why changing your face-washing habits is a must!

The Water Is Much Too Hot for the Face

Many people enjoy the soothing sensation of incredibly hot water. The truth is that prolonged exposure to hot water strips the skin of natural oils that maintain hydration.

Skin relies on natural oils to maintain hydration. While moisturizers and serums are great assets, stripping the skin of natural oils can lead to a broken moisture barrier, dry and flaky skin, and breakouts.

The longer you’re in the shower soaking up the hot water, the more dehydrated the skin will be. This is not the optimal time to wash your face.

What About Turning Down the Temperature?

Some people try to resolve the hot-water problem by turning down the temperature when it’s time to wash their faces. If you’ve showered with piping hot water, your skin is already dehydrated. The cleanser won’t have a positive effect on the skin.

Washing Your Face in the Shower Isn’t Good for Removing Makeup

Cleansers remove dirt and oil trapped in the skin. Some are specifically for removing makeup! However, failing to remove makeup beforehand and relying on cleansing the face in the shower is practically ineffective.

The dehydrated skin is more vulnerable in this state. The cleanser is likely to unsuccessfully clear the pores of makeup, dirt, and oil. You’ll step out of the shower assuming your skin is clear as can be. The truth is that the pores will be tainted, likely resulting in breakouts.

Cleansing in the Shower Risks Clogging Pores From Other Products

You use your hands to scrub your scalp clean. You touch a washcloth and soap to cleanse the body. Dirt, bacteria, and the products used in the shower must go somewhere.

There’s a high probability that the substances are lingering on your hands. When you go to wash your face, you’re more likely to corrupt the pores by clogging them with other products and bacteria.

What Should You Do To Clean Your Face Instead?

Start by removing your makeup with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water. Hop in the shower, clean your body, shampoo, condition your hair, then turn off the shower.

Now is the time to wash your face properly. Use lukewarm water from the sink. Add the cleanser to your hands and apply it to damp skin. Rub the cleanser gently and evenly across the face.

After rinsing and drying the skin with a clean towel, you can complete the rest of your skincare routine for the night. A chemical peel, toner, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and moisturizer are great to incorporate, too. Just remember the right order to apply skincare products to hydrate the skin and prevent breakouts.

Washing your face in the shower is frowned upon for good reasons. You want to do your best to ensure clean and healthy skin. With the right advice, you’ll have incredibly clear and healthy skin before you know it.


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