Coloring Isn’t Busy Work; It’s Prep Work to Get Our Kids Ready for School

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    coloring bookLast week on our San Francisco Moms Blog Facebook page, I shared pictures of my daughter coloring and assembling a scarecrow in honor of the first day of fall. I found the free printable coloring page on Doodles Ave’s website, and we’ve been at it ever since. 

    They have so many great resources to make coloring not only fun but educational. Print out the letters of the alphabet, make a mask or a crown, do activities to learn about numbers, or even color in a diagram of the human heart. I love that they offer these things for free, so that they’re accessible to everyone, but even the coloring books that they do sell are affordable and in keeping with their mission “to advance children’s artistic expression, literacy development and overall learning experience.”

    Now, more than ever, it’s important to make time for our kids to color. I remember a preschool director explaining during a school tour I attended that children are having a harder time learning to write in elementary school because they’re spending more time swiping screens and less time on activities that build the skills and abilities needed for handwriting. Besides unlocking children’s creativity, coloring strengthens their fine motor skills, improves coordination and spacial awareness, and builds self esteem and confidence – all building blocks for the important work they’ll do in school.

    coloring book

    Why not make the most of this activity and have them color something stimulating and informative? With Doodles, choose from themes like animal and plant life, career opportunities, healthy eating, science, and state and world history. Unlike other coloring books, the Doodles Coloring Fun series features original illustrations, interesting facts, and games which reinforce the lessons learned. I don’t mind telling you that I learned a few things along the way looking through these books! 

    Most are recommend for ages 3 and up to get the most out of the corresponding activities, and one of their newest books is perfect for children living here in California because it’s all about our state. Doodles Golden State Coloring Fun highlights the states’ official symbols, famous sites, and historical attractions through 32 easy-to-color images paired with fun facts, and it’s only $6.99 on Amazon.

    And, we all know that coloring is a proven stress reliever for adults, so pick up a crayon and get in on the fun!



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