Cheers to the Sweatpants Dad (and What to Get Him for Father’s Day)


    fathers day gift ideasAs a gift to all the wonderful fathers out there, I would like to give you something that you deserve: a cool “dad name.” Mothers often get a lot of attention for the work we do for our families, and anything that portrays us in a way that is not our best, we’ve figured out how to coin it and make it our own. For instance, when it became the norm for moms to start throwing their hair up in messy buns and wearing yoga pants, we declared ourselves “yoga moms.” In reality, our yoga way of dressing hid our exhaustion, lack of time to take a shower, and allowed us to remain comfortable in clothes that we didn’t mind getting soiled with poop, pee, throw-up, or food and could later pass out in at bedtime.

    Dads are dedicated to their families, too, so it’s only fair that they have a term of their own in honor of all those days they are exhausted and still roll out of bed with a smile on their faces or are covered in who knows what and still find the time to cuddle with their little ones.

    We see you.

    We see you, Sweatpants Dads, and we’re happy you’re on this journey with us.

    Sweatpants Dad – noun., a dad who helps either full time or part time in the care of their kids at home. They attend activities with their children, often while wearing sweatpants, and feed organic or locally grown foods to their kids. Prior to having a child, this man either never owned sweatpants or never wore said sweatpants in public.

    So, I want to be the first to wish all the Sweatpant Dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day.  

    Not sure what to get your Sweatpants Dad for Father’s Day? A new pair of sweatpants, of course! Here are six stylish options. 

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