Preserve Your Energy; Avoid Overscheduling Your Family



As our children head back to school and we head back to the office (or some variation), you might be tempted to “get back to normal.” If that ‘normal’ includes overscheduling – think twice!

You must admit that through the height of the pandemic when all of those extra curricular activities were cancelled, it was kind of nice. We weren’t rushing from work to parent pick-up to dance lessons to baseball practice to make dinner (if we were lucky) and then get homework and baths done. Just thinking about that is exhausting!

Dr. Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP has advice for us all in our recent interview. She encourages us to commit to honoring our own needs, center ourselves on what we value most, and learn from all of the pandemic lessons.

Watch the interview for her thoughts on how to create a new family normal and for more ideas, be sure to read her book The Working Mom Blueprint.


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