Best Gifts for Grandchildren – 2022 Holiday Gift Guide


    Grandparents always have the dilemma of striking a balance between not showing up Santa or the parents, while gifting stand-out presents that would be cherished and used / played with – not to mention, the presents also need to be parent-approved and not a super annoying toy that will leave the parents scowling for all future family gatherings. On that note, we put together an ultimate list of gift ideas for grandparents to buy for grandchildren that won’t spoil the holiday mood or induce holiday blues!

    1. BYJU’S LEARNING featuring Disney Premium Learning Kit


    These kits for kids in Pre-K to 3rd grade help build math, language, reading, vocabulary, and other core skills, while they play alongside beloved Disney and Pixar characters. Kids practice, play, and learn using an interactive app and hands-on activities, personalized to the child’s learning level. This self-paced learning program provides real-time feedback, and supports different types of learners, helping them gain confidence to learn on their own. Includes over 2,500 activities (educational videos, quizzes, mini-games, stories and interactive worksheets). Comes with 3 Magic Workbooks (for Math, Language, Reading), Osmo Base Set for iPad, Wizpens, Crayons, & special 3-month access to BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney. Available for iPad or Fire.

    2. Yoto Player


    The Yoto player is the ultimate screen-free portable player! The fun never ends as you can pick and choose new cards to add to your grandchildren’s collection, and for them to trade cards with their cousins and friends. Protect the player with a snazzy protective adventure jacket for the littles ones to bring along to grandma’s house!

    3. Troomi Kid-Safe Smartphone

    Give your grandkids a smartphone and feel good about it this holiday! The latest buzz in the smartphone industry is this new, safe approach for kids eight and up. And it’s not hype – it addresses valid concerns and offers solutions for families looking to navigate the often scary world of cell phone and internet usage among their young kids. It’s the smart way to introduce them to their own phone. Be the cool granny and keep in touch with your grandbabies via a real smartphone!

    4. Backyard Discovery Playhouse

    If you’re looking to give a WOW gift – this is it. The Backyard Discovery wooden playhouses are fun for the whole family, and elegant enough to outshine the actual house! We love to dress the playhouse up according to the season and occasion, and it’s always a talking point with visitors. You can’t go wrong with any of the sturdy playhouses – good luck picking one!

    5. Delta Children Personalized Cozee Chair

    Make your mark in your grandchildren’s home or secure a throne for the precious one(s) at your place. With right-size seating designed just for children, the Personalized Cozee Chair by Delta Children is perfect for the playroom, living room, or your grandchild’s bedroom, this cozy foam chair is lightweight enough to move from room to room. The slipcover is constructed of soft fabric that’s removable and machine washable for easy cleaning – your son/daughter/-inlaw will thank you. Personalize it with their name for the perfect finishing touch!

    6. Storypod

    Storypod is a parent-approved and screen-free screen-free interactive audio system for kids ages 0-9 that aims to support parents on their journey of raising smart, healthy, and curious children. Kids can independently engage with Storypod – They simply tap any Craftie, Audiobook, or Trivia Card on top of the device and activate educational and entertaining audio content (Music/Songs, Fables, Fairy Tales, Stories, Biographies, and so much more)!

    7. Blenders Eyewear


    Do you have grandchildren who are teenagers or pre-teens? You’ll get mad props from them by getting them swags from Blenders Eyewear. There is a great selection of stylish sunnies for teens on the go or participating in extreme sports. Not only can they count on the polarized lenses for some quality eye protection when they need it most, but these fashion statements of sunglasses are also super durable and anti-scratch – some even float on water!

    8. Big Dill Pickleball

    Gift the cool and unique paddle set from Big Dill Pickleball Co. These paddles are great for beginners of all ages. Stay active and schedule regular pickleball games with your grandchildren! USA Pickleball approved!

    9. Heirloom Video Book

    Gift these beautiful books to your tech-savvy grandchildren, so you can enjoy seeing their videos every time you visit! Alternatively, you can make a video of your own, with a special message, and gift it to them as keepsakes. Heirloom allows you to create custom video books to send to someone you love. It is fast, easy, and oh-so-beautiful that you will want to make more for different occasions.

    10. Echo Show

    The perfect gadget for the grandchildren who live out-of-town, with an HD screen that’s designed to move with you and speakers that deliver premium sound. Not only does it provide added home security and surveillance, but it is also packed with entertainment offerings – including a screen for the much-anticipated (and hopefully regular) video calls, karaoke sessions, drama plays, and charades with granny!

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