Benefits of Cooking With Cast Iron Skillets


    Benefits of Cooking With Cast Iron Skillets

    Selecting cookware for your kitchen is a big decision. You want to choose something that will last and allow you to cook any food you want. Many people choose non-stick pans hoping that the non-stick surface will help them cook easily, but those pans often don’t last long, and some are coated in dangerous chemicals. The best type of cookware is one that’s been around for decades: cast iron. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of cooking with cast iron skillets so you can feel confident using them in your home.

    Extremely Durable

    Even the smallest cast iron skillet you can find is heavy compared to its size. While that weight deters some people from choosing cast iron, it signifies just how durable this type of cookware is. Cast iron will survive in almost any environment and last for generations. While you might have to get a little more creative with your kitchen cabinet and drawer organization to accommodate this heavy cookware, it’s worth it. Cast iron is durable, long-lasting, and great for cooking.

    Adds Iron to Food

    Obviously, cast iron gets its name because it contains iron. Many people don’t know, though, that the iron in the skillet gets transferred to your food. While cooking with cast iron won’t drastically increase your iron intake, the extra iron is still good for your body. Acidic foods absorb more iron from your cookware, so if you tend to make sauces like marinara or cook pineapple, then you’re guaranteed even more iron. If you want to get more iron in your diet without changing what you eat, start cooking with cast iron.

    Withstands Various Cooking Methods

    Cast iron skillets are the last cookware set you’ll ever need. You can use it on gas or electric stovetops and in various kinds of ovens. While they’re not the best cookware to use in a combination oven for steaming, they will respond well to combination heat. They heat evenly regardless of the cooking method, so you can even take these skillets camping and safely cook over an open flame. If you want versatile cookware, you should use cast iron.

    There are numerous benefits of cooking with cast iron skillets, so you should bring this cookware into your home as soon as possible. If you want to warm up to the idea of using cast iron, buy a small pan and try it out before buying a whole set. Many people fall in love after this first purchase and never look back.


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