Beat the Heat: Ways To Keep Kids Cool in the Summer


    Beat the Heat: Ways To Keep Kids Cool in the Summer

    Summer vacation is arguably the best time of the year. Whether your family’s planned a trip or your kids are going to summer camp, take some time to prepare for the hot days. Find out how to beat the heat with ways to keep kids cool in the summer.

    Eat Better Foods

    You might already know to eat fruits and veggies and drink plenty of smoothies since they’re rich in vitamins and minerals. However, certain foods on the pyramid provide better sources of energy and health benefits than others.

    For example, water-based fruits supply plenty of nourishment and hydration to keep you and the children moving. Here are some water-based foods to stock up on throughout the week:

    • Peaches
    • Pineapples
    • Celery
    • Broccoli
    • Melons
    • Strawberries

    Foods high in water content help keep the body full and hydrated. Don’t forget to incorporate foods rich in vitamin C to help your body cool down. The more hydrated the kids are, the less likely they’ll feel exhausted at the end of the day.

    Hang in the Shade

    Sometimes it’s best to stick to shady areas, especially in the park. You’re likely to visit the park and beach often, so finding a nice shaded space while playing helps keep everyone cool and makes a great place for a picnic.

    If your park has a shaded canopy, take advantage and sit underneath it to stay out of the sun. One of the greatest benefits of canopies is protection from UV rays, which cause sunburns and heat rashes.

    Wear the Appropriate Clothes

    Since it’s summer, you and your kids will be running around a lot, so you don’t want them to wear jeans and oversized, long-sleeved clothes. Wearing short sleeves and shorts helps cool the body down during play.

    Also, avoiding darker clothing colors will help prevent heat absorption. Heat absorption happens when clothes aren’t bright enough to reflect heat off of a person, causing the person to sweat more and even feel exhausted. Prevent this from happening by wearing light colors.

    Buy a Cooling Accessory

    You need to stay cool while outside, so buy yourself and the kids some cooling accessories. Sweatbands are made from a thinner elastic material that forms a barrier around the head to absorb sweat and keep your temperature low, making them an excellent cooling accessory. Another item to buy is a mini, portable fan that will keep you and everyone else cool throughout the day.

    Implement a few of these tips into your routine, and you’ll help keep the kids cool all summer. Every moment you spend this summer should include cooling methods. Whether eating delicious fruit or using a portable fan, make fun in the sun safe and enjoyable for everyone!


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