Back to School Checklist – Don’t Overlook Your Child’s Eye Health


    One of the most important back-to-school to-dos you’re likely forgetting.

    Back to School Checklist - don’t overlook your child’s eye healthAs families are soaking up the final days of summer, there’s an important to-do to make sure to include on this year’s back-to-school prep list: your child’s eye health. Childhood myopia rates are on the rise, with 1 in 3 children now affected in the U.S. Often exacerbated by too much screen time, this eye disease can result in blurry distance vision. Left untreated, children with myopia may be at a significantly higher risk for numerous serious eye-health complications as they grow. 


    There’s good news: early intervention is key and it makes a difference! Treehouse Eyes is the first eye care provider dedicated exclusively to treating myopic children, the Treehouse Vision System treatment plan is non-invasive, and includes overnight customized lenses, day-time soft lenses, and special prescription eye drops – proven to slow or stop the progression of myopia in children. Treehouse is also one of the first organizations to adopt ACUVUE® Abiliti Overnight Therapeutic Lenses that are specifically designed to match your child’s eye based on its unique corneal shape, to temporarily reshape the cornea. Once they started treatment, children reported better focus at school, increased performance in activities, and more self-confidence.


    Learn how Treehouse Eyes can help your child preserve their best vision now and book a free consultation at a Bay Area location near you!




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