Amazing Tips for Styling Your Bookshelves


    Amazing Tips for Styling Your Bookshelves

    If you’ve ever looked at the bookshelves in home and garden magazines, they always look perfect. They also tend to include more than just books. Styling your bookshelves can help make your home look less cluttered, and you’ll feel proud of your collection. Read on to discover these amazing tips for styling your bookshelves.

    Organizing Your Books

    When you’re creating your first home library, it helps to think about how you want to organize everything. Think about the kinds of books you own and what they look like on your shelves. Some of the most popular kinds of organization methods are:

    • Alphabetical
    • Categories
    • Color-coded

    You can also arrange your books purely for decorative purposes. Take the books that clash with your decor to another room or store them away.

    Facing out Books

    If you go to a bookstore, you’ll notice that the shelves rarely have empty places. This is because the employees “face out” books to hide gaps. Facing out a book is easy: all you do is turn it so that the cover faces you, which makes the book take up more shelf space. Facing out is the perfect way to feature your favorite covers and make shelves look fuller.

    Adding Decorations

    The best bookshelves are a mixture of books and decorative items. You can use photographs, potted plants, pottery, and even light fixtures to add visual interest to your shelves. This technique is particularly helpful if you have more shelf space than books to fill them.

    Choosing Bookends

    Bibliophiles love a good set of bookends. However, bookends aren’t just decorative—they also help keep your books from falling over and slouching. Slouching can damage the spines of your books, encouraging them to fall apart more quickly. If your books tend to tip over, bookends are the answer.

    Bookshelf Storage

    With a family, you’re probably familiar with the problem of living room clutter. Our advice is to take some space on the bottom rows of your bookshelves to turn into storage. The easiest way is to use cloth bins or woven baskets as drawers. You can hide toys, electronics, papers, or even books that don’t match your decor. There are also practical ways to jazz up your interior design without compromising organization. Check out these scheduling hacks for busy parents as well!

    We hope these amazing tips for styling your bookshelves have been helpful. Follow our guide to give your shelves a magazine-worthy makeover.


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