8 Things I Said I’d Never Do, Before I Had a Kid of My Own


    mom confessions after kids

    1. He’d never sleep in bed with us. Now, my favorite moments are when my son and I cuddle up together. Even though I know it’s so hard to retrain him to sleep in his own bed, I just love having those nights together when he isn’t feeling well.

    2. He’d never eat in the car. When we’re driving home, I hand back muffins, milk cups, crackers, basically anything to get him to stop screaming “food” in the backseat. His car seat is filthy!

    3. I’d never give treats “just because.” His favorite food is probably ice cream, and one of his first words was cookie.

    4. I’d never buy something at a store just because I wanted the tantrum to end. This one got the best of me while in Walgreens on Christmas Eve. It was our last morning errand, and I needed to be in and out to make it home for nap time. He saw a gigantic stuffed bear display right when we walked in and immediately started yelling, “Bear, bear!”  We walked over, said, “Hi,” and tried to walk away quietly. Thirty dollars later the life-size bear and my son were fast asleep in the backseat on the car ride home.

    5. He’d never watch TV before the doctor recommended age of two. My son is eighteen months and his favorite shows are “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and “Maya the Bee.” My mom and I also took him to see the movie “Sing” over Christmas break, and he sat through the whole thing.

    6. I’d never go overboard on new outfits. I have had my Gap credit card upgraded twice since he was born.

    7. I’d never encourage bad language or behavior. My brother has him saying “truck” (drop the “tr” and add an “f”) on video, and my family and I think it’s the funniest thing. Plus, every time someone has a drink in their hand he says, “Cheers,” and runs up to them with his cup.

    8. I’d never use a kid issue as an excuse not to meet up with someone. I’ll be honest, I knew I’d use the old “blame my kid” a couple times once I became a parent, and I have. I choose not to incriminate myself any further on this one.

    What have been some of your “Nevers” that you gave in to?


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