5 Ways to Ace Motherhood

    Mother's Day
    Mother's Day

    It’s the toughest job in the world. No one would take the job in a blind interview. As I reflect on Mother’s Day, I always think of my mother and grandmother. When I became a mother, I slowly transitioned to thinking about myself in that role. 

    I noticed the differences in generational parenting and the similarities between our parenting. This includes every time I acted and sounded just like my mother or grandmother. How is that possible often when I promised I would never say or do that?! 

    Patterns are built into our systems through repetition. How do we keep the great ones and transform the not-so-great ones? Here are five ways to ace motherhood:

    Awareness – Conditioning has us operating on auto-pilot most of the time. The only way out of that mode is to become curious and conscious. Otherwise, the subconscious is in control. This is why we do things we never thought we would do. We have to amplify awareness to make better decisions.

    Acceptance – There is no perfect. Oh, but we try! The faster you accept what is vs. what should be, the easier it is to solve problems. I’ve become convinced that the only actual parenting decision is when to push and when to back off, and that decision needs to be made multiple times every day (and night for those who don’t sleep soundly yet.) 

    Attitude – Your attitude toward change is essential to feeling healthier and happier. Embracing mistakes vs. striving for perfection is a BIG one for moms. Do your best. There are some big lessons to learn, so pay attention to what matters most! Hint: Choose love every time.

    Actions – Act from love. That’s it. Fear carries the lowest vibration, and love is the highest. When you become more aware, you can overcome your fear (more on this later) and raise your vibe in ANY situation. The simplest way to start is to place your hand on your heart. 

    Appreciation – You are doing your best. Your children are doing their best. Life is happening for you – not to you. Notice and appreciate those around you every day with little things and big things because when you do, they want to do more for you and others too!

    Yoga helps with all of this: building awareness and your approach to mothering changes. You are more able to act from love vs. fear, embrace challenges, and balance the demands upon you. At the end of yoga, in total relaxation, appreciation floods in – for your body, mind, heart, and life. 

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