5 Ways Disney on Ice Gets It Right

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Thirty-five years ago I entered a coloring contest in the local paper in hopes of winning two tickets to the ‘Ice Capades.’ Somehow I won the contest and landed my first and only tickets to a ‘show on ice’. Until tonight, that is.

My friend and I took our six year-old daughters to see Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream. They will probably remember the show much more than the cotton candy because it was magnificent from beginning to end. So how did Disney on Ice get it right?

  1. They started on time! Parents know the plight of a family waiting for a show to start. Disney on Ice had a lively narrator engage with the audience about seven minutes before the show started. She kept everyone entertained by introducing herself, the theme for the show, and a countdown every two minutes until the show started. The show began with a surprise guest who was not mentioned in the Dare to Dream write up, but believe me, he was well received.
  2. The vignettes they chose to showcase captured the essence of each movie so that the young audience members were confident in their knowledge of the story line.
  3. The entertainment value was top notch. Skilled ice skaters twisted, leaped, and went ‘above and beyond’ (literally) to entertain the audience. Intricately colorful costumes captured the essence of each character; even horses and a crab were captured through costume in believable ways. The beautiful sets only added to each story as they creatively kept them simple, yet compelling.
  4. Though two of the classic stories were about traditional male and female love stories, they pulled the theme of heroines into the story line, which allowed the audience to see the story through a more modern lens.  
  5. There were many uplifting messages throughout the show.

Somebody told you that you were special and you believed them.

A hero is not someone who is strong on the outside. It is how strong you are on the inside.

She rose above the bickering and bullying to go after what she wanted.

True love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.

Love can be the act fulfilling a calling on one’s life.

If you are the type that likes to engage in inspiring talks with your kids, feel free to follow this show’s lead. It will give you many talking points on your child’s interest level.

Thank you, Disney on Ice. I dare to dream that my daughter will know that she is special, be able to rise above the conflict that life throws at her, and will live out the calling on her life because true love was there to support her. And thanks for the fun. We loved every minute of it!



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