5 Tips for Throwing a Low-Key Baby Sprinkle


    5 Tips for Throwing a Low-Key Baby Sprinkle

    While expectant parents often celebrate the upcoming birth of their first child with a baby shower, it’s not as common to host a similar gift-giving party for babies that come after. Experienced parents already have many of the supplies and equipment they need to take care of their babies.

    Consider setting up a baby sprinkle, a smaller-scale version of a baby shower, to help the new mom prepare for and celebrate her newborn. Use these five tips for throwing a low-key baby sprinkle.

    1. Small Guest List

    A baby sprinkle is casual, and keeping the guest list small helps manage preparations and makes the event more intimate. A two-hour time period lets people mingle and have fun while keeping the event short and sweet. Generally, a close friend or group of friends host the sprinkle, so be sure to get the mother’s input on who to invite.

    2. Gifts

    Parents often create a baby registry for their first child, but typically hold onto those items and don’t need as much when they get pregnant again. The baby sprinkle can be a completely gift-free event, with people coming together simply to celebrate the baby. Otherwise, guests can consider gifts that any mom would love for their next baby. This can include practical gifts, like diapers, or fun gifts like cute toys or outfits.

    3. Simple Foods

    The next tip for throwing a low-key baby sprinkle is to prepare simple food. Since the baby sprinkle is a low-key event, simple foods, snacks, and beverages will keep guests happy. You don’t need to make a full meal; guests will appreciate finger foods, cupcakes, chips and dip, and healthy options like a veggie platter. Consider having juice, tea, or sodas available in addition to water.

    4. Games and Activities

    While games are often a highlight of a baby shower, they aren’t necessary for a baby sprinkle. Consider the guest list and what people might enjoy. In some cases, simply spending time together makes everyone happy and gives each guest the opportunity to congratulate the growing family. A short baby shower game or an activity like writing down well-wishes provides ample entertainment.

    5. Decorations

    You can create a festive atmosphere with fun party decorations, including streamers and balloons. When it comes to choosing a decorating theme for the get-together, you can focus on “sprinkles” as a sweet treat or as little drops of water. Consider incorporating sprinkles in the color scheme and around the snack table.


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