5 Tips for the Work-at-Home-Mom


    The clock is ticking. The familiar unsettlement: unease courses through my body as I tense up. Why? Because I am a work-at-home mom who juggles her non-profit work and caring for her little ones. 

    After running ragged for a couple of days, I came up with a few options that keep babe happy and myself calm.

    1. Keep 3-4 Sterilite bins with lids for easy cleanup and fill with some sensory fun! The following are a few options: kinetic sand, oats, cheerios & large beans. Find assorted recycled items that can be used as pourers. For example, the cup from the laundry detergent, the shovel that comes with powder detergent, and the baby formula measuring spoon. This keeps little hands busy for a bit. Tip: place a shower curtain or plastic tablecloth on the floor, and your cleanup is a cinch!

    2. Create a manageable to-do list. Manageable means that when you plug them into your timetable, you give yourself ample cushion time for any emergency disaster, i.e., blow-up diapers or juice spills. 

    3. Have music playing in the background. It will have a calming effect on your little ones and even engage them. It also makes for a pleasant atmosphere. 

    4. If any child starts to get cranky, then best to deal with it NOW. Trying to finish an email or call never ends well. Delaying a cranky child exasperates them, and calming down a hysterical child will take more time and effort than focusing on the child’s needs right away.

    5. Make your favorite drink! Yes! You read right 😉 Whenever it feels like it’s getting too much, the children are bickering, or the baby just woke up while you’re talking with a client. Take a long sip of the drink in a quiet spot and breath. It will give you back your equilibrium.

    Good Luck!!


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