5 Tips for Taking Your Frightened Pup to the Vet


    5 Tips for Taking Your Frightened Pup to the Vet

    Your dog tucks their tail, puts their head down, and cries on the way to the vet. As your pet’s guardian, you want to do whatever you can to ease their nerves. Try out these tips when taking your frightened pup to the vet for a better experience for you and your furry friend.

    Exercise Before the Appointment

    Physical activity is one of the most helpful tactics to relieve anxiety and stress in both humans and dogs. Not to mention, dogs are bursting with energy!

    The best thing you can do is to take your dog for a walk or visit a dog park to play before the appointment. If you have an older dog that can’t exercise too well, take them for a potty break. By the time they get in the car or to the vet, they won’t feel as worried as before.

    Bring Your Dog’s Favorite Toy

    Toys aren’t just great for playing—they also help dogs feel comforted and distracted. Their favorite blanket, a small rope, a squeak toy, or a bone to chew on will give your dog a piece of home in the exam room. They will feel at ease when they have something familiar to play with.

    Pack Plenty of Treats

    Let your pup know they’re doing a good job throughout the day. Pack their favorite dog biscuits, but bring some special treats too. The treat variety will hold your dog’s attention and distract them from the fear.

    However, keep in mind that rewarding bad behavior won’t yield good results. Use the treats as a form of positive reinforcement when your dog is behaving well before, during, and after the exam.

    Make Your Dog Feel Safe During the Car Ride

    Some pups adore car rides! Others become immensely frightened the moment they get in. One tip to taking your pup to the vet is to take precautions to ensure their safety in the car.

    A stable foundation such as a pet carrier will make them feel more secure and reduce stress. Not to mention, it’s a great way to keep pet hair out of your car or truck too.

    Consider if Your Dog’s Anxiety Is Something To Address

    Dogs can have anxiety too. They might feel extremely anxious when separated from people, during a thunderstorm, when meeting new people, or when going to the vet. They’re likely to tremble, pace frantically, tuck their tails, or lick their human excessively.

    It may be worthwhile to bring this issue to your veterinarian’s attention. CBD, herbal supplements, and anxiety medication are just a few of the treatment options.


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