5 Safety Tips for Kayaking With Your Kids


    Summer is almost over, but there are still ways you can have fun with the family while enjoying the warm weather. If you’re looking for an activity that will get your kids outdoors and give them a chance to get physically active, why not try kayaking? After you review these five safety tips for kayaking with your kids, you should be able to have a kayaking adventure with your family.

    Make Sure Everyone Wears Their Vests

    Kayaking is a watersport your kids will enjoy this summer, just as long as you keep them safe. One of the first things you should do to achieve that goal is to ensure they have their life vests on when they get in the kayak and keep it on until they get to shore. Even if they seem confident that they can swim back if they fall out, don’t let them get in without putting a vest on.

    Consider Your Kid’s Physical Ability

    It is important to consider your kid’s physical ability before going on your kayak adventure. A very young child will become winded after paddling for even a short while, so they should stay inside the kayak with you or another adult to keep them safe.

    Don’t Let Them Out of Your Sight

    If you do let your older child paddle in a kayak alone, it’s best not to let them out of your sight during your trip. You will likely want them to paddle ahead of you so you can stay behind and keep your watchful eyes on them. It will give you more peace of mind as you paddle.

    Take Your Tow Lines

    Another safety tip for kayaking with your kids is to ensure you bring your tow lines. You never know when your children may find that the water is too much for them or when an accident may occur. With the help of the tow lines, you can tow your kid’s kayak or pull an injured person back to safety.

    Kayak Through Calm Streams

    When your family takes their first kayak adventure, do it on a river where the water seems particularly calm. That will allow you and your family to stay safe as you try this activity for the first time and become used to it. Otherwise, with your inexperience, you are taking a chance if you try to do it in rough waters.

    Following these tips will allow you and your family to avoid dangerous incidents and maximize your kayaking experience. You may enjoy it so much that you find yourself kayaking again soon.


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