11 Signs You’re a San Francisco Mom


Family in San Francisco at Baker Beach

Moms living in San Francisco come in all shapes and sizes but raising kids here does give us a few things in common. Here are 11 signs you’re a San Francisco Mom.

  1. You’ve been asked 7,000 times if your kid is in swim class yet.
  2. You’ve considered buying a tether to connect yourself to your stroller when walking down steep hills.
  3. You put your name on daycare waiting lists when your baby was still a fetus.
  4. You’ve attended workshops just to figure out how to get your kids into school.
  5. You are aware that feeder schools to elite colleges start with preschool.
  6. You know that farmers’ markets and food trucks are a way of life.
  7. You couldn’t live without same-day delivery services.
  8. You’re a pro at putting car seats into Ubers.
  9. You get frustrated watching House Hunters because these families buy McMansions for less than a down payment on a fixer upper here.
  10. Your pantry is stocked from the following sources:  40% Trader Joes, 25% Local markets, 25% Amazon Fresh and/or Instacart, 9% Safeway and 1% your urban garden.
  11. You feel justified in wearing yoga pants because you actually do yoga (at least sometimes).

So, how many can you check off the list? Comment on Facebook to let us know, and tell us what you’d add to the list!


Editor’s note: This post originally published on August 19, 2016.


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