10 Signs You’re Addicted to Amazon


The convenience of shopping on Amazon is undeniable, but sometimes they make it a little too easy. Here are ten signs that you may be addicted to Amazon. Take solace in knowing you’re definitely not alone!

  1. img_1531When you can’t even remember what’s in the box when it arrives
  2. When the kids’ favorite game is to play “Delivery Man”
  3. When the novelty of playing in cardboard boxes has worn off for your kids
  4. When you start tipping the garbage man for hauling away all the extra cardboard
  5. When the items you’ve searched for on Amazon follow you as advertisements around the web
  6. When you start using “Amazon” as a verb
  7. When you get other people’s packages because the delivery person assumed they were for you.
  8. When your Amazon Prime membership pays for itself within the first week
  9. When a delivery that will take longer than two days feels like an eternity
  10. When you’ve said out loud, “Thank God for Amazon.”


    • Right? When my kids were babies, I would nurse them in the middle of the night and browse Amazon. Received several packages in those earlier days that I didn’t remember buying! (Most related to gadgets to help the baby sleep better. 😉


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