A Little Lingerie Goes a Long Way


I can describe my underwear drawer in one word: practical. It’s full of nude and black briefs and nude and black bras. All items were purchased with the intention of making them invisible under my clothing, certainly not with the goal of getting them noticed. I gave up thongs after college and any other attractive panties went by the wayside when I got pregnant. After baby, they never managed to make it back into my underwear drawer. 

I have a friend who often wears beautiful lingerie under her work clothes. For her, lacy, sexy somethings make her feel powerful and desirable. She doesn’t wear these items for someone else’s pleasure; she wears them for her own because she likes the way they make her feel. 

With her as inspiration, I decided to up my lingerie game. I admit that my motives weren’t really self-empowerment. While my husband’s never once complained about my lack of seductive accessories, I decided it would be fun to surprise him in a saucy little something one night—just for the heck of it. 

But what to buy? As I pulled up the Amazon app on my phone, two words came to me:

crotchless panties

Kind of extreme, I know, to go from beige-colored briefs to a pair of the raunchiest-sounding undies around, but I can tell you with certainty that it was the right call. 

Because crotchless panties are the most practical lingerie in existence. For my honeymoon, I splurged on negligees, corsets, and little bra and panty sets. After I made my big Ta Da! entrance each night, the items were quickly removed and tossed aside. Their lingerie destiny was complete and lots of wasted money lay on the floor. 

But with crotchless panties, the fun part is keeping them on. And it will drive your partner wild to know you’re wearing them before you’re actually alone and in private—so accessible, yet untouchable. And they’re cheap! Amazon has really soft and comfortable pairs for $10 that come as pretty or as sleazy as you’d like. 

Crotchy panties are where practical meets sexy and that’s a definite turn on. 


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