Celebrating Friendship



Since September is coming to a close and it is National Friendship Month, I have someone I want to tell you about; my best friend Jen. In August of 1991, I walked onto the campus of Albion College in Albion, MI and into Wesley Hall (the freshman dorm) to meet the woman that I would call my best friend (29 years later! AND counting).

We were roommates for all 4 years in college, served as maids of honor at each other’s weddings, and we spend as much time together as we can (which unfortunately is only once or twice a year). There was a time when we thought we would be little old ladies living together with a house full of cats. 

We’ve been through breakups, messy rooms, deadlines, movies, music, fraternity parties, sorority events, job losses, career changes, the loss of her father, children, and a few bottles of wine and a keg or two of beer. At college, we were known to be attached at the hip.

Our relationship is one where we can go months without talking with only occasional Facebook comments and likes but I tell you what – there is not a day that goes by that she is not on my mind. A song, a TV show, a movie, a joke, or a food can be the trigger. 

“I remember when Jen and I . . .”

“That reminds me of a time when Jen and I . . . “

“Jen would love this . . .”

“I wonder how Jen . . . “

For two girls that grew up in the Great Lakes, we both find ourselves in California these days. It doesn’t matter that we are on opposite sides of the State, at least we are in the same state and I swear that there was an earthquake the day I moved here.

I know that I am very lucky to have Jen in my life and I hope you have a “Jen”, too.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ~Elisabeth Foley

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Tracy is the Director of Programming and Partnerships for Darkness to Light, a child sexual abuse prevention organization. She grew up in northeast Ohio, and has lived in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Arizona, and Northern Virginia and has worked in the arts, in education, in non-profits and in ed tech. Her husband's job brought them to the Bay Area and there's no looking back! Tracy is mom to two trans teens who are just beginning their journey. Self-care includes pedicures, reading, cooking, crafting, and just being with her family. She also serves as Chair of the Board for the Attachment and Trauma Network, a national non-profit.


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