Popped Water Lily Seeds Are the Superfood Snack to Try This Year


This post is in partnership with Eat Makhana.

I grew up in an Italian household where my mom’s homecooked dishes contained one or more of the following ingredients: tomato sauce, olive oil, oregano, basil, garlic, pasta, and parmesan cheese. I’m grateful for all of the yummy, healthy, homemade dinners I enjoyed as a kid, but eating within a limited flavor profile also meant I wasn’t exposed to cuisine from other cultures — particularly Asian cultures — until I was an adult.
So please excuse me if I’m a little behind in discovering the wonder that is popped water lily seeds, known as Makhana in India.

popped water lily seeds

This ancient Ayurvedic medicinal food has been prescribed for thousands of years to new mothers to assist them in their recovery post-birth because the seeds contain 17 essential amino acids and vitamins like B12 that help reduce inflammation and combat fatigue. Eat Makhana, a local company based on the Peninsula, knows everyone in the family can benefit from the superfood elements of Makhana, so it’s bringing popped water lily seeds stateside. 

These supersnacks are a healthier alternative to popcorn or pretzels — they’re gluten- and grain-free, packed with plant-based protein and minerals, and are naturally free of all main allergens. 

popped water lily seeds

My kids and I couldn’t quite describe the taste of Makhana the first time we tried them. The flavors were familiar, a little like popcorn or the puffed barley that comes in some Kashi cereals, but because the seeds are roasted and seasoned after they’re popped, they also had a richer, heartier flavor. In texture, they’re light and airy with a satisfying crunch and absolutely no kernels, preservatives, or additives. Maybe it’s just me, but they also seemed neater to eat, creating fewer crumbs than popcorn or pretzels.

Water lily plants are native to the northern state of Bihar in India. Their seeds are harvested by hand and subsequently dried and popped by farmers. Once they arrive in California, the folks at Eat Makhana gently oven-roast them with organic seasonings and Himalayan pink salt to create the perfect snack-on-the-go. 

popped water lily seeds
Eat Makhana currently offers two snack flavors, Himalayan Pink Salt and Tangy Chili & Lime, with more to come! Each 1 oz bag of Eat Makhana snacks contains only 110 calories, 0 gm Sugar, and 3 grams of Protein. We’re so excited about these snacks here at the blog that we’re bringing them to our upcoming City Moms Blog Network Sister Site Conference in Colorado Springs so that teams from across the country can try them.
Order here to try out Eat Makhana’s snacks for yourself and follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @eatmakhana for updates. Be sure to also follow us on Instagram at @mpmomsblog where we’ll be sharing more exciting product finds from our conference!
Have you tried popped water lily seeds? What other flavor combos would you love to see? 


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