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Today, more than ever, time and money are two things that families need more of. Even though we may be working from home and our kids are in distance learning, being home does not necessarily mean we have more time. And many of us are closely watching what eats up our budgets as hours are cut and even some jobs are lost.

So what if I told you that Pocket Chefs could help you with both? Not only that, but that an experienced ServSafe Chef will come into your home, help create a menu that is tailored to your families’ likes and dietary needs, will prep, cook AND clean for you. Giving you back the gift of time with plans that fit into your budget.

You might say that sounds great, BUT we are in the middle of a pandemic! And while that is true, you can be sure that Pocket Chefs has pivoted just like other businesses to be able to give you peace of mind while using their amazing service!

We recently asked Pocket Chefs what they are doing to keep their customers and their chefs safe during COVID-19.

SFBAM: What are some of your COVID-19 protocols?

PC: Well, all chefs must have a safe body temperature under 100.4F and they wear a mask the entire time they are in your home and maintain a social distance of 6 feet at all times.

SFBAM: Your service includes cleaning when the chef is done. What else have you added?

PC: Along with cleaning, we disinfect all surfaces and equipment as well.

SFBAM: Tell us more about the Contactless Service Option.

PC: We understand the concerns that customers have and we have a few additional options. You can choose to have an “Unattended Booking” where you and your family leave your home, our chef will enter through prearranged means (hideaway key, remote entry, keypad) and complete the service while you are out. This is a great option for your family to go on a hike, head to the park, or go on a special family outing and come home to dinner.

We also offer a “Separation Method” in which the chef works their magic in the kitchen and your family is in a separate area of the home for the entire time the chef is there. The chef will lock up when they are done.

SFBAM: What if I am still unsure about using Pocket Chefs or I have my own questions?

PC: When in doubt you can always contact us at customercare@pocketchefs.com for more information. We’ve been doing this during the duration of the pandemic so we have procedures in place to keep everyone safe. We are also happy to talk through your unique situation.

SFBAM: Oh, one more. What are some of the recipes I can choose from?

PC: Each menu is specially customized weekly for each family. It can be hard to truly get customized meals from a pre set menu. However we love offering free recipes that you can ask your chef to prepare or for you to try out yourself! We also included access to all of our online recipes in our Pro package.

Here are three healthy menu items we have, perfect for starting off 2021 on a healthy note. If you would like the full recipes, email us at customercare@pocketchefs.com.

Fried Cauliflower

Great for low carb lifestyles! And vegetarian & vegan alternatives just sub the eggs for olive oil or almond milk


Stir Fry Tofu and Vegetables

Go meatless with this great recipe that will leave you full and satisfied, but not groggy!


Asian Rice Noodle Salad

This recipe works well as a cold starter or as a warm mid-day lunch with some added protein. Get creative and add more veggies or fruit.


If you decide you are ready to give them a try, be sure to mention ‘SFMOMS’ when signing up!


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