Pocket Chefs: Having a Private Chef May Be a Luxury Within Reach!

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luxury of a private chef at affordable price

I recently had the opportunity to try out Pocket Chefs, a Bay Area food startup dedicated to helping busy families with their food prep needs. Pocket Chefs puts you in touch with a personal chef who will help make sure that you have delicious meals to eat, without breaking the bank or even needing to leave your home.

I chose a day and time that worked for a private chef to visit our home and was put in touch the next day with one of Pocket Chefs’ top chefs, Stephen. Chef Stephen sent me a message to arrange a suitable time for a phone chat, and we talked about what he could offer. He quickly figured out exactly what we were looking for – food prep for the week. He asked if I had any recipes that I wanted him to make, or if we needed more of a “free style” experience where he would help find inventive ways to use the food we already had in the house. The second option was exactly what we were looking for. I was excited to meet Chef Stephen!

private chefChef Stephen was punctual, friendly, and professional when he arrived. He got to work right away, getting water boiling and the oven pre-heating. It was time to cook! I showed him where our cookware, spices and cutting boards were, but he brought a significant amount of his own supplies as well. We didn’t know what Chef Stephen would make, and I told him that nothing was off limits. We needed to use up as much of our pantry and freezer goods as possible. Before long, wonderful smells were wafting out of my kitchen, and we couldn’t wait to see what surprises Chef had in store for us!

The amount of delicious food that he was able to prepare for our family in only two short hours was nothing short of amazing. We had cooked rice, quinoa, chicken, steak, sweet potato fries, and corn on the cob (to name just a few items) for the week ahead, several containers of sliced fruit, and a beautiful dinner to enjoy that night.

Chef Stephen was careful to keep things clean as he cooked, and he scrubbed all of the dishes, countertops and stovetop before he left. As a final surprise, Chef sharpened all of our cooking knives while he was here. I’ve been slicing through tomatoes like a hot knife through butter ever since!

What I loved the most about Pocket Chefs – besides the well-prepped and delicious food, of course – is that having Chef Stephen come over saved me a significant amount of time that I would have spent on food prep throughout my week. This freed up extra time for me to spend with my daughter, catching some late afternoon sun in the park or reading a few extra books together. For any busy family, this is truly what you can’t put a price on.

From start to finish, Pocket Chefs was a professional and enjoyable experience for our family. Pocket Chefs knows how to meet the needs of different clients and deliver a personalized experience. We are looking forward to using Pocket Chefs again!

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