Moms Can Simplify Life with Territory Foods

This post is in partnership with Territory Foods.

territory foods meal delivery serviceI recently tried Territory Foods and I’m here to tell you how awesome this service is! Territory Foods delivers pre-made nutrition-packed meals to your door using fresh, local ingredients. It’s an ideal service for any mom, especially working moms or moms with new babies at home.

The ordering process was streamlined, making it easy for me to quickly order what I wanted. I chose the Air and Sea option because my family doesn’t eat much red meat. For my first order, I selected from a menu, and for my second, I left the choices up to Territory. I love how I have the option to pick out what I want, and the option to not even have to deal with those decisions if I’m having a busy week. There’s an option to have a recurring delivery, so I don’t have to worry about forgetting to order on time.

Territory delivers overnight, and I’m a night owl so I was awake when they came. I noticed how they made an effort to walk quietly up the stairs and place the box down gingerly so no one would be disturbed. That matters in SF’s small homes where we don’t want noise to wake our babies! The box was packed with ice and each meal prepared in an individual container.

The food was flavorful and the portions were satisfactory. I chose to warm most meals on my stove, but I tried out the microwave too, and it tasted just the same. My absolute favorite was the Turkey Chili with Eggplant. It was the perfect texture and just spicy enough to satisfy.

Territory Foods uses ingredients that I can trust as a mom, to feed myself and my family. It’s all responsibly sourced, with no ingredients containing gluten or dairy, and everything they provide free of refined sugars and crafted by independent, local chefs.

As a stay at home mom, meal prep takes a good chunk of my time. I either need to prep before we go anywhere each morning, or I’m rushing home sooner than we’d all like so I can throw together a decent meal on time. While I was using territory, it was so refreshing to know that everything was all set and we could spend more leisure time as a family.

Territory could be especially helpful for pregnant and brand new moms. First of all, they have a special pregnancy option you can select, and they’ll make sure everything you eat is safe and meets your current nutritional needs. And new moms need all the help they can get. Meals delivered to your door is a huge load off for a mom recovering from childbirth and busy soothing and feeding an infant all day and all night!

If you’re interested in trying out Territory Foods to simplify your family’s lives, click here for $30 off your first order!



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