Celebrate National Pancake Day with Breakfast Hero Pancakes


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Moms are heroes, right?  Yes.we.are! We have super powers like cleaning the whole house during a quick nap, making any “bo-bo” better with a kiss, and making pancakes on a school day— wait, what?  Yes! Pancakes are no longer just a weekend breakfast treat.  Now, you can make pancakes during the week, while packing lunches, brushing teeth, and getting dressed for school (and it doesn’t take super powers..ssshhh)!

Revolution Foods has a new product, Breakfast Hero- a no mix, no mess, thaw-and-pour pancake batter.  You don’t even have to add water!  The product hangs out in your freezer until the night before you want to make pancakes. Then, simply move it to the fridge to defrost.  In the morning, you just shake and pour to make a yummy hot breakfast your kiddos will love.  The easy spout leaves no mess, and once defrosted, Breakfast Hero lasts 10 days in the refrigerator making 15 regular sized pancakes. 

Breakfast Hero is the only pancake product that lists whole milk as the first ingredient!  Plus it’s made with real eggs and no artificial colors or flavors. You can choose from Original, Mutligrain, and Chocolate Multigrain and each flavor has 6g of protein and 13-15g of whole grains.


Here’s what our San Francisco Moms Blog writers

are saying after trying Breakfast Hero!

“This pancake batter is now part of my weekly shopping list.  I love the wholesome & healthy ingredients, different flavors, and easy packaging.  In minutes, we have piping hot and fresh pancakes with no prep work and no dishes to clean… also, a super-easy way to store leftover batter (just twist the cap back onto the carton).  How amazing is that?”

“My kids were obsessed with these pancakes.  Usually, making pancakes a battle to “help” me break eggs and mix ingredients, and by the time I’m done, the kitchen is a mess (and my pancakes are always just so-so).  With Breakfast Heroes, I went straight from refrigerator to griddle, and my kids literally stuffed their faces with the delicious pancakes.  They snarfed down two rounds each, and begged for more.  Yes, my two toddlers ate 15 pancakes for dinner.”


“I love how you keep these in your freezer till you’re ready to use! I pulled mine out Sunday night and put in the fridge. The next morning I just shook it up and poured it in the pan. Easy as can be! I had some leftover and just screwed back on the cap to save for tomorrow.”

“I love the simple ingredients and different flavors they come in. Since it’s so easy to make, you have extra time to do fun cookie cutouts with them or pancake stackers with other ingredients. Even just by themselves they are great. The chocolate ones don’t even need any syrup!”


Celebrate National Pancake Day today by trying Breakfast Hero!

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Learn more at http://revolutionfoods.com/

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