The Beach Jello Cup You Didn’t Know Your Party Needed


kid-friendly dessertThere’s one thing you need to know about me before I dive into how to make this adorable beach jello cup.

I don’t make adorable things. 

I don’t browse Pinterest for creative DIY projects. I don’t make themed hors d’oeuvres for parties, and I don’t bake or decorate cookies. If I can’t buy something ready-made, I don’t own it. You can count on me to bring a practical dish to your potluck, never the cute one that people compliment. 

And, yet, I was drawn to these whimsical little jello cups when I saw that one of our very own writers had made them and posted a picture on our  San Francisco Moms Blog Instagram page. The universe was telling me it was time to try. I was hosting a backyard party for good friends moving to sunny Southern California, and I had snagged some extra Rainbow Snack Co. blueberry gelatin packs from our recent BLOOM event. I was meant to make these beachy cups, and so I did. 

Here’s how you can, too.

  • Mix your blue gelatin according to package instructions. 
  • Line up clear plastic cups on a baking tray or in a muffin tin.
  • Place plastic or gummy sharks at the bottom of each cup. 
  • Pour in the gelatin and refrigerate until it sets.
  • Decorate each cup with a gummy ring, Teddy Graham, and a cocktail umbrella.

summer party kid-friendly dessertVoila! Mine came out a little darker than the version I saw on Instagram—probably a combination of Instagram filtering and using a different brand of gelatin (Rainbow Snack Co. has zero artificial flavors or colors). They were perfectly adorable in person, though, and everyone asked who brought them. They never suspected I would be the one to make them!

Full disclosure: I also made jello shots for the adults because, why not? We deserve to have fun with our desserts, too. If you’re having an adult-only party, feel free to spike these little teddies directly. For kid-friendly parties, stick to traditional jello shot cups to avoid any confusion with these alcohol-free desserts.

Do you think you’ll make these? Post your pics with #SFMomsBlog so we can check them out!  

Editor’s note: This article originally published on June 28, 2017, and was lightly edited prior to republishing.


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