If You Paid Your Nanny $2,100 or More Last Year, You Owe Taxes


Did you know your nanny is legally your employee? Did you know you should be withholding taxes from his or her pay? Many people believe that a nanny is considered an independent contractor, but this is not true. The truth is, if you pay a household employee over $2,100 in a year to perform work in your home, you owe taxes.

Who Is Considered a Household Employee?

A household employee is anyone you hire to perform regular work in your home. That includes positions such as a nanny, babysitter, housekeeper, in-home caregiver and personal assistant. According to the IRS, hiring a household employee makes you a household employer, which means you are legally required to withhold taxes from your caregiver’s paycheck.

What Is The Nanny Tax?

If you paid your nanny or any household employee $2,100 or more last year, you need to withhold taxes from him or her each pay period. You also need to pay taxes of your own.

The “Nanny Tax” is a combination of federal and state tax requirements. As a household employer, you need to withhold Social Security, Medical, federal income tax, and state income tax from your nanny’s paycheck. Additionally, you are required to pay Social Security, Medicare, and both federal and state unemployment insurance.

How To Pay Nanny Taxes

To properly withhold and pay nanny taxes, you need to:

  • Apply for Tax ID numbers.
  • Accurately track your nanny’s payroll. That includes what you pay him or her and the taxes you withhold.
  • Pay estimated taxes. State taxes are generally filed on a quarterly basis, as are 1040 estimated payments.
  • Produce year-end tax forms. You need to provide your nanny with a 1040 form by January, so he or she can file his or her own taxes, along with several other year-end forms.

Isn’t There a Simpler Way To Handle the Nanny Tax?

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