San Francisco Has an Untapped Pool of Nannies at The Women’s Building


Craigslist, NannyShare, UrbanSitter,, Facebook, Golden Gate Nannies, and a multitude of other platforms are a gift from the childcare gods when it comes to taking on the feat of finding the perfect nanny or domestic worker. Whether you’re looking for a long term nanny who can be a part of your family or a college student who can help out with a couple date nights a month, these resources play matchmaker by streamlining the search process on both ends; what would we do without all those convenient search filters?!

These platforms are fairly accessible and get the job done, but there’s an alternative method for finding your potential caregiver that can help facilitate the process and save you loads of time by essentially connecting you to a matchmaker—wait for it—in real life!

The Women’s Building in the Mission district has programs and services helping caregivers and domestic workers obtain employment. The purpose of these services is to help individuals who perhaps aren’t as tech-savvy, whose native language isn’t English, or who are new to the job sector in the U.S. find a job in the field for which they have experience. From creating resumes to mock interviews, volunteers at The Women’s Building who are skilled in the job seeking process guide program participants through their own job search.

The Women’s Building has a whole pool of people who are qualified and great candidates but may be off your radar. By reaching out to us directly, you’ll find the help you need to get you connectedand maybe find your perfect fit!

There are some things to consider if you consider this scrappier, alternative process appealing for finding domestic or caregiving help. Most of the women who participate in the Job Search program are seeking this assistance because of barriers facing their communities or within their personal lives. Often, launching into the job force on their own is a bit challenging, especially because of their legal status here in the U.S.

But I know first hand from the success of the Job Search program that many families interested in getting connected to a nanny or babysitter do not find this to be an issue, choosing experience and qualifications above all else. Of course, how you decide to employ a caregiver or domestic worker is a personal choice, and it’s one to consider carefully. But I also ask you to consider the impact and the value you can make in this community by providing employment—all while securing a quality nanny or housekeeper for your family!

The pool of candidates at The Women’s Building may be smaller than what you’re exposed to on, but treat it as though it wasn’t. Write up a description of your ideal candidate, all the qualifications you’re looking for, you’re pay rate, all the details! This less formal process won’t and shouldn’t take away from your vision of your ideal candidate.

On the candidate’s end, they have expectations of you as an employer, as well. Resumes, cover letters, references, contracts, you name it, will still be available to you as a part of this process. The Women’s Building guides job search participants through all of this to make sure they are prepared and professional when they meet with you.

Finding a nanny, housekeeper, or any type of domestic worker that will spend time in your home, often when you’re not there, is never easy. Connecting with a different community that you, perhaps, haven’t looked into yet only gives you more options and a greater possibility of finding the right match for your family.

If you’re interested in connecting with The Women’s Building Job Search Program, please contact with a job description and your contact information!


the women's buildingConsuelo Reyes Lopez

Consuelo is the Food Pantry Coordinator and Programs Assistant for The Women’s Building.


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