Tiffany Claflin

Tiffany Claflin grew up as a private school kid living outside of Boston, Massachusetts. In 1996, after earning her master's degree in education, she moved to San Francisco to become a teacher at a Japanese bi-lingual preschool. Now, Tiffany is a private school mom and placement consultant, helping parents find the perfect K-8 independent school for their children. She lives with her husband and two daughters, Greta and Bridget, in Noe Valley. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys painting school murals, traveling to see family in New England, and hiking with her cockapoo, Tilly.

Mothers Unite!

Human connection isn’t just necessary for survival, it’s essential for our overall wellbeing.  Belonging to a community helps us feel safe enough to share our authentic selves.  Knowing that we will be unconditionally cared...

What is SEL Anyway?

Every Fall, I attend as many school tours as I possibly can. As a private school placement consultant, it’s my job to know cultural, structural, and curricular specifics, so I can match each family...

Humor Helps

During my most difficult challenges, I have found true solace in humor. Six years ago, I was in terrible pain. My L5 abruptly protruded from my lower spine and I was instantaneously immobilized. For...

An Ode to School Uniforms

On her first day of preschool, my daughter Greta wore thirteen ribbons in her hair. She purposely mismatched yellow and pink socks and insisted on wearing her favorite lime green Tinkerbell dress, complete with...

Top 5 Reasons You Need A Private School Placement Consultant

But before we begin, let me briefly introduce myself. Not only am I a private school placement consultant, but I attended private schools, I taught in private schools and now I am a private...

Fabulous Animated Movies You’ve Never Seen

Last week, I wrote about how best to enjoy the last few days of summer with your children. Specifically, one of my suggestions was curling up with a bowl of popcorn and watching an...

Preparing for Kindergarten?

Just yesterday, I received a call from an anxious Noe Valley mom asking the all-important question I hear every summer. She wanted to know, “how should I best prepare my child for school?”. Her first...
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