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craving sugar

Fight the Good (Sugary) Fight – Strategies to Take Control of Your Sugar Craving

We participate in Amazon's Affiliate Program. I’ll set the scene: It’s the end of (another) long day of momming. You’ve got the kids in bed (kinda), dishes are (kinda) washed, the playroom is (kinda) picked...

Healthier Snacks to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Maybe you're in an afternoon slump or you just settled into the first minute of calm after a hectic day—at some point during the day, you probably find yourself with an intense craving for...
baby boner

Baby Boners and Other Things You Should Know If You’re Having a Boy

Congrats on your new baby boy! Here is your guide to the two new additions to your family: your baby and his penis. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was sure it...
new year resolutions

Your New Year’s Challenge: Give Thanks to Last Year and Welcome In This Year

It's a new year! A whole year is behind you and we stare into the face of a new year with unlimited possibilities! For many, especially us moms managing the change and growth of...
best mom

I Am Not the Best Mom

I am used to being the best. Or at least always striving for it! I was a straight-A student, a high-level gymnast, and a world-class acrobat. Give me a goal and I’ll find a way...

To the Mom on Her Phone at the Playground

To the mom on her phone at the playground: I see you! I see you sitting on a bench while your kiddo explores the playground on her own. I see you glance up every 30...

Moms Need Snacks, Too! What to Eat to Keep You Going Throughout the Day

There are so many ideas and Pinterest boards about healthy snacks to take on the go for our toddlers, but what about us?? Help a mama out! Sometimes I go most of the day...
postpartum depression

Awesome Mom Memes Made Me Overlook My Postpartum Depression

Any mom who openly refers to their adorable child by using an expletive is my people. I love moms online and in my everyday life who discuss their struggles, their (slight?) dependency on alcohol...

5 Simple Ways to Prioritize YOU Amidst the Chaos of Motherhood

Fitness? Wellness? My actual HEALTH? If you're like me, there is an endless pile of laundry, one kid who needs to be held All. The. Time, another who thinks he's an actual ninja, a...
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