Sarah Mitchell

Originally from Ottawa, ON Canada, Sarah moved to Mountain View, CA in 2014 with her husband and two children. Sarah has a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, but found her true calling helping parents get their kids to sleep at Helping Babies Sleep. As a sleep consultant, Sarah empowers parents to teach their babies and toddlers to sleep by educating parents on age appropriate sleep needs and sleep training options. Sarah helps parents with her online courses and personal sleep consultations. When she’s not helping babies sleep, picking up from preschool or watching kids on the playground, she enjoys talking to adults, exploring new sights, and seeing live music with friends.

Helping Your Baby Adjust To Daylight Savings Time – Fall Back

When you were young and single, you loved “Fall Back.”  The end of daylight savings time helped you sneak in another hour of sleep.  As a parent… you might not be so lucky. Daylight Savings...

Shelter-In Keeping You Up at Night? Here are Expert Tips for Better Sleep!

During this hectic time, moms (and a lot of dads too!) are taking on an expanded role in the household, from working at home to being a 24/7 caretaker to a home school teacher...
sleep training advice

5 Things a Sleep Consultant Wants You To Know

Sleep training, or sleep teaching, as I prefer to call it, includes learning how long your child can comfortably stay awake between naps and before bed by age because timing sets you and your...
cinemark movie club perfect gift

Join the Club! Cinemark Movie Club Is Here and Makes the Perfect Gift

This post is in partnership with Cinemark. I tried out the Cinemark Movie Club on a recent rainy Saturday to see Ralph Breaks the Internet with my kids, and this is what happened: I felt a little...
daylight saving time

How Prop 7 and Daylight Saving Time Could Affect Your Child’s Sleep

Currently, federal law sets standard time zones for each area of the country. Current law also establishes Daylight Saving Time when the time of each zone moves forward by one hour in early March,...

The One Thing Your Baby Needs to Be Able to Sleep Through the Night

If you are on a quest to get your child to sleep through the night, there’s no doubt you've been Googling and searching the internet for answers. To ensure you and I are on...

4 Ways to Help Your Child Sleep in Different Time Zones

Shifts in time change can be hard to adjust to. In general, it is easier to fly west to east (SF to NYC)  than it is to fly east to west (NYC to SF). When flying...
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