Nikki Curry

Nikki lives in the East Bay with her baby Bella, two small dogs, and husband. She grew up in the East Bay, earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Dance from Chico State in 2009, then spent a number of years living in Orange County where she started her business Grace and Zen. Through her business she works hard toward spreading the positive physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga and dance to children everywhere. Nikki is constantly working on finding the balance between keeping both her business and her little preemie growing strong. After spending 79 days watching her baby Bella fight through the NICU, Nikki hopes to offer relatable experiences to other moms who may be going through a difficult time. Her favorite Bay Area spots include SF City Hall where she got married, North Berkeley, Walnut Creek, and Downtown Danville. She enjoys hot yoga, iced coffee, and warm sunshiny days. Follow along her every day life on instagram or follow her business adventures at @graceandzen.

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