Laura Wong-Thompson

Laura is a San Francisco native and stay at home mom. She chronicles SF family fun and mom life at her new site Milk+Fog. In her spare time, she enjoys discovering new brands that help moms make family life easier. You can find her shopping at the farmer’s market or sipping matcha lattes with her husband. Follow her at @sfmamakoala on Facebook and Instagram.
what is kwanzaa

Discovering Kwanzaa: A New Family Tradition [Including 2017 Event Line Up]

The holidays are a special time to create and cherish family traditions. Both you and your spouse likely have your own family traditions from childhood that you want to carry on. You get to...
ideas for feeding picky eaters

Avoid the Battle – How to Deal with a Picky Eater

I’ve decided to call a truce. I’ve decided it’s unfair to say my toddler is a picky eater. So what that he doesn’t like every meal I put in front of him? I like...

Glass Half Full: Choosing Gratitude in Motherhood

The air is getting cooler, and Thanksgiving is around the corner. It’s easy to feel sentimental when surrounded by family and eating pumpkin pie, but how can we give thanks in the everyday moments...

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meal planning

5 Ways to Make Meal Planning More Fun

Stuck in a recipe rut? For a busy family, meal planning can feel like just another to-do on the list. But with some tweaks, meal planning could be a fun creative activity you might...
food allergy safe halloween treats

{Confessions of a Food Allergy Mom} Halloween Treats Besides Candy

Every mom and dentist appreciates when children receive a Halloween treat other than candy, but you know who else love it? Food allergy kids! If you plan to offer food allergy friendly treats this...

Beyond Toys: 5 Meaningful First Birthday Gift Ideas

The first birthday is an exciting milestone. Maybe you’re trying to come up with a special gift idea for a party you’re invited to, or maybe family is asking you for gift ideas, and...
food allergies

{Confessions of a Food Allergy Mom} 5 Things I Wish Other Moms Knew

Once upon a time, I looked forward to those tiny bags of honey roasted peanuts served on airplanes. Oh, how so much has changed. Now I pre-board to wipe down my family’s seating area...
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