Laura Wong-Thompson

Laura is a San Francisco native and stay at home mom. She chronicles SF family fun and mom life at her new site Milk+Fog. In her spare time, she enjoys discovering new brands that help moms make family life easier. You can find her shopping at the farmer’s market or sipping matcha lattes with her husband. Follow her at @sfmamakoala on Facebook and Instagram.
build a mom village

Supporting Those Who Helped Build Your Mom Village

San Francisco simultaneously has so much to offer families, while also being a difficult city to live in as a family. I wondered recently, then, about how hard it must be to thrive as...

May 2018 Guide to Kid-friendly Events in San Francisco

Our contributor Laura, from SFMamaKoala.com, created this month’s guide. She’s a San Francisco native who’s in the know on all things family-friendly around the city. Check out her big list of events below! May is...
food allergy friendly

5 Ways to Make Your Playdate More Food Allergy Friendly

If you are hosting a playdate or party and are interested in ways to make your event more food allergy friendly, thank you! Food allergy safety is always on the minds of food allergy...
pregnancy after miscarriage

When Pregnancy Is Terrifying

Trigger warning: miscarriage and stillbirth. I am blessed to be 20 weeks pregnant with my third pregnancy. But as I sit here and type this, I simultaneously feel kicks and feel very disconnected. My first pregnancy...
week in review

Friday Faves & Finds (3.30.18)

Happy Friday! Who is loving this weather? What a difference a week makes for temperatures in SF! This weekend there will be egg hunts (and sticky chocolate-covered fingers) galore! I still need to pick...

April 2018 Guide to Kid-Friendly Events in San Francisco

Our contributor Laura, from SFMamaKoala.com, created this month's guide. She's a San Francisco native who's in the know on all things family-friendly around the city. Check out her big list of events below! Spring is in...
week in review

Friday Faves & Finds (2.23.18)

Yay for the weekend! This weekend my husband and I are hosting my son’s birthday party at Recess - Urban Recreation, and I can’t wait to celebrate our little boy! In preparation I’ll be...
Peter Rabbit allergy

{Confessions of a Food Allergy Mom} So What’s the Big Deal About That Food...

I was super disappointed when the food allergy community started circulating warnings about the now released Peter Rabbit because the movie shows how little is understood about the struggles of food allergy families. Reportedly Peter...

3 Ways Valentine’s Day is Different After Kids (and 1 Way It’s Not!)

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing men on the street holding bouquets of flowers. I think all food looks cuter heart-shaped! A lot about Valentine’s Day has changed for...
mom blogs

What I Love About Being a Mom Blogger

A little over a year ago, I was a burnt out stay at home mom stuck in a weekday rut. Make breakfast, spend time with the baby, put him down for the night, cook...
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