Jennifer Payne

Jennifer is the co-founder of Victory Garden Kids, a tutoring center and confidence building organization for students of any age. She and her husband, Jeff, opened Victory Garden Kids to help students embrace their power as learners after Jennifer watched student after student struggle with learning due to confidence issues during her 20+ years as a veteran teacher. Jennifer and Jeff have been married for 26 years and have two incredible adult children. Ben is a freshman at the University of Oregon and Hannah has graduated from UCLA and is getting married in the fall. From her own family and in the classroom, Jennifer has gathered experiences and ideas about the entire spectrum of raising and nurturing kids-no matter their age, and Jennifer loves to share her perspective. Jennifer and Jeff are currently completing their first book, Love Grows Here: A 28-Day Journey to Growing Victorious Kids!. Jennifer and her daughter are also in the process of launching their new generational perspectives podcast, GenerationSHE. Learn more at VictoryGardenKids.com

The Chosen Joyful Journey: When Summer Seems Fun for Everyone But Mom

Isn’t summer grand? Isn’t it glorious to be able to lounge around poolside, creamy rum drink in hand, watching our marvelous children splash and cavort merrily whilst the sun kisses our lightly tanned skin—not...
adult daughter collects eggs on Easter morning, an ongoing family tradition

The Power of Tradition: 3 Reason to Integrate Tradition into Your Family

Easter morning, my husband and I were scrambling to hide the eggs—not because we forgot and not because we had overslept. Our “kid,” our sweet adult daughter, home for spring break during her final...
father playing guitar while mother and child sing along

Perfect Harmony—Raising a Songbird Without Losing Your Own Voice 

When I was pregnant with our first child, my husband, a musician at heart, would put headphones on my belly each night, rejoicing as my bump would begin to undulate under his hand to...
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