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My Husband Cheated on Me and I Turned to Talkspace for Help

My husband and I are going through a challenging time. He confessed to me recently that he had a one night stand while I was out of town with our baby visiting family. I...

Why We All Need a Sex-cation

If you’re like me, hearing the word “sex” often invokes various reactions including eye rolling, apathy, and an instant sensation of fatigue all wrapped up in the suffocating weight of expectation. Unless I’ve had...
emergency preparedness tips

10 Fast and Free Ways to Prepare for an Earthquake or Emergency

  Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is wonderful, but there are real concerns of a serious earthquake. Several nearby quakes over the past few weeks are a good reminder for us all to...
family living with cystic fibrosis

It Could Always Be Worse

There’s a Jewish folktale about a man who lives in a tiny house with his large family. While he seems to understand on some level that he should be happy for what he has,...
tween girl with braces

How to Make Orthodontic Treatment Easier for Your Child

From sleepless nights to new morning routines, it can be tough for kids to adjust to orthodontic treatment. And as parents, it can be just as tough to watch our children go through this...
tres evans and his two children tells us what real dads want for father's day

What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day, According to an Actual Dad

  June is the beginning of summer, BBQs, and sandals. And it's time for the annual celebration of dads—I'm not talking about a bad joke competition or socks and sandals fashion show but Father’s Day. Now,...

Dear Husband: I See You Every Day, But I Miss You

Dear Husband, I never thought this would happen to us. From the beginning, we’ve been told we were the perfect couple. Happy, in love, kind to one another. We have always been respectful and supportive...
lonely sad girl sitting outside of school

When Does It End?

In the area where I live, testing starts in preschool. Kids at the mere age of 3 undergo rigorous academic and social testing for acceptance into prestigious preschools. As a child psychiatrist, I don’t...

When Your Kid Won’t Eat: My Experience with Feeding Aversion

You might think your toddler is a tough case when it comes to getting him or her to sit down and eat, but your kid ain’t got nothin’ on mine. My daughter has a...
children with special needs

The First Inclusive Party Place for Kids with Special Needs Is Here!

Gatepath, a nonprofit serving individuals with developmental disabilities and their families for more than 98 years, has launched a new social enterprise, Grins ‘n’ Giggles. Located in Burlingame, Grins ‘n’ Giggles is a party place...
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