Elisa Cinelli

Elisa is a loving wife and stay at home mom living in San Francisco's Telegraph Hill neighborhood. A proud sixth-generation San Franciscan, Elisa spent her early years in the Haight-Ashbury before moving to Mill Valley in elementary school. She studied Comparative Literature and French Language at University of San Francisco, where she wrote her thesis on the origins of fairy tales. Along with being the Managing Editor here at San Francisco Bay Area Moms, Elisa also writes for POPSUGAR, FamilyEducation, and OXO Brands.

Why Your Child Needs To Learn the Correct Names for Their Private Parts

When my daughter was about eighteen months, she became interested in naming all of her body parts. It didn’t take long for her to point between her legs in the bath and ask me...

How I Meal Plan for the Week

Sheltering in place has finally forced me to nail down a good system for feeding my family, and I’m definitely going to keep it up post-pandemic.  Lunches are full meals at my house, because I...

Support Literacy at Home With the Daily 5

The Daily 5 is an easy way to make sure your kids are getting enough literacy work done each day, especially if you’re not totally sure what that should look like. It’s also super...

What Pregnant Women Need to Know About COVID-19

If you’re expecting amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the most comforting knowledge you can have is understanding how your birthing experience will unfold when you arrive at the hospital—and even in the days...
pets coronavirus

What Do Pet Owners Need To Know About COVID-19? We Asked a Veterinarian

Are you wondering whether your pet can contract the coronavirus or if you can still bring your dog into the vet for a nail trim amid the Shelter-in-Place order? We spoke with a veterinarian...

Your Oh Crap Potty Training Cheat Sheet

When you're already stuck at home, you might as well potty train your toddler right? I personally think there's too much of a to-do about whether kids are "ready" and that it's usually about...

Helping Kids Understand Autism

World Autism Awareness Day takes place during April, and I wanted to take a moment to give some advice to parents who want to help their kids develop compassion and companionship with kids with...

5 Educational Activities to Do At Home While School Is Closed

Schools are officially closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, so what are you planning to do with your kids? Children will be at home for at least three weeks, which leaves you...
Bay area summer camp

Bay Area Summer Camp Planning Guide

I am starting to look at summer camps for this year, and when questions about the planning process came up, I decided to turn to the woman who knows everything about summer camps in...

World’s Best Underwear Now Comes with CBD Lip Balm, My Life Is Complete

I got an underwear subscription that comes with CBD lip balm and it is my new favorite way to make sure I get a little luxury in my busy life.  I actually discovered my go-to...
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